Monday, October 13, 2008


In a Starbucks restroom:

Payton: Mom, whats this hole in the floor called?

Becky: Its a drain.

Benjamin: What do you use a drain for?

Becky: If the toilet overflowed or if someone left the sink on, all the water would just flow into that and it wouldn't flood the rest of the store.

Both boys pause and look at each other then Benjamin pipes up.
Benjamin: Can we pee in it? (Payton shakes his head like, "This kid can read my mind.")

Becky: NEVER! Boys, that's terrible. I don't want to ever hear about you guys doing something like that. Why would you even think like that? (give a small speech on hygiene and filth)

As we walk out Payton says to Benjamin, "We'll try it out when we come back with dad."

Thankfully their father is more of the drive-thru type, but he has been warned. And...our boys will be receiving a parental escort to Starbucks bathrooms until they are voting age.