Monday, January 29, 2007

S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G and learning

Payton has always had a zeal to learn. He would like everything explained to him. He asks simple questions, "How do you make ice cream?" and then non -simple questions, "What is the resurrection?" We learned his fascination with spelling one day a while back when we were sitting at a stoplight and heard him spell out B-U-D-W-E-I-S-E-R... He has been spelling and sounding out words ever since.

He especially makes me laugh when he uses this gift like he is a mom..."Would this be a good time to spank B-E-N-J-A-M-I-N?" "Someone might need to take a N-A-P..." or my personal favorite when I am going through the drive-thru at Starbucks and he says, "Does T-O-N-Y know you're here?"

Benjamin continues to bring all of the joy and challenge of being 2. He is an absolute delight (the majority of the time). However, if he could wear a bumper sticker on his pull- up right now it would most likely be, "Zero-tolerance stinks".

Tony and I have realized as of late that we were slipping on a lot of things with Benjamin....trying to avoid tantrums by giving him his way...allowing him to yell, allowing him a lot of things we should not...Tony calls it "parenting out of fear "...It is so easy for us to look up one day and realize this precious child (in the nicest way a 2 year old can)- is running our family. So- for the past 2 weeks we have instituted zero-tolerance...He gets one chance to respond the right way- no more warnings...I do not enjoy this part of parenting...but a conversation with my grandmother has been running continuously through my head. When we went through this with Payton the first time (we have found we have to call ourselves back to zero-tolerance often) I was heart -broken. I remember crying to my grandmother and her saying..."Becky, You will always love your children....but you want other people to as well....Its hard to discipline your children, but its worth it."

Ask me how this is going...Seriously I need the accountability.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

News and Notes

1. The holidays were great...we loved every moment of them. We are still trying to catch our breath as we try to get back to our routine,

2. Benjamin is talking up a storm these days. He makes us laugh daily. He is so good about saying thank you...but immediately after saying it will follow up with, "You proud of me?" "You wanna hug me?"

3. Benjamin is a late sleeper which means Payton and I usually are up for awhile just us. I love our morning conversations...Here's a sample of 2 we have had lately:
1. P: When do you think I can start spanking people?
B: Not until you are a dad someday.
P: I already know when people are doing wrong...I know when to do it
B: Payton, that is not your job and I do not want to ever see you trying to spank Benjamin
P: I don't want to spank Benjamin, I want to spank you.

2. P: Remember the other day when that man was baptized?
B: Yes
P: I will never be baptized.
B: Oh Payton yes you will...(Long explanation of why with way too much infomation that ends with why would you say such a thing)
P: I do not like going underwater.

4. It's official. We are Craigslist people. Seriously you can find wonderful deals and we have finally gotten rid of somethings that we have needed to for awhile. An online garage sale and its free to list stuff. You cannot beat it.

5. My brother reccomended the book "The Gift of Fear" by Gavin De Becker...From what I understand of his history he is the nations leading expert in prediciting violent behavior and is a resource for all the"people" in DC. My brother said it is a must read. I would agree. It has certainly opened my eyes to many things. You will not be disappointed.

6. I think one of the hardest things about growing up is you start realizing that incredibly Godly people don't always agree on everything. There is complete unity in Christ...not in opinions. Sometimes thats a tough one to swallow.

7. Payton has had terrible eczema most of his cream or medicine has ever done anything to make a difference. Our chiropractor noticed it and said, "Thats the body's way of saying its missing something. Try increasing his oil intake." What? But I thought we would try it. I have been adding a spoonful of "Udo's 3 6 9 Oil Blend" to his orange juice every morning and the eczema is gone. We missed 3 days over the holidays and it came back...started right back, its gone again...really amazing stuff.

8.Our children's ministry did the most wonderful thing this year. They allowed the kids to shop for their families Christmas presents during Bible Class using their Bible Bucks. Payton came home with presents wrapped for each of us as well as for my parents. He was so much more excited to give than to receive this year. It was something I would of never thought to do and I certainly would not of thought Payton would respond in that way. When he walked in and saw that Santa had come before going over to his toys he turned around and said, "Dad, does this mean you get to open your present from me now?" I was so glad we got it on presents a nice contrast with the meltdowns we captured a couple of hours later.

9. Maggie the puppy has turned into Maggie the wooly mammoth. She is massive.

10. We walk in to this new year with a great deal of anticipation...for we know it holds more of the Lord but also more of the ups and downs of life. Thankfully we do not walk through it alone. We pray to see Him each day, in each other, in our children, in our friends, in business decisions, in family decisions, in every thought, in every action. We pray that in 2007 we will see Him magnified. May it be for all of us.