Sunday, April 29, 2007


1. It is looking like my sister and her family will arrive stateside for good in the middle of June. We are eagerly anticipating that arrival while recognizing that they have spent the past 10 years of their live preparing to invest and then investing in the lives of the Aja people. There are many hard goodbyes to be said before they begin their journey home. The Kingdom has advanced because they went...We celebrate that.

2. Payton thinks there are 3 parents in our family and only one child. The other day Tony was explaining to Benjamin why he must sit down while we are at a restaurant. Benjamin was explaining why he could not. Payton said, "Excuse me dad, I am with Benjamin on this one, let's just let this one go." Tony then went from disciplining one child to disciplining two.

3. I have always read about the switch...when boys go from wanting their mom to wanting their dad...supposedly a vital part of development in the life of a boy. It has happened around here. Their dad arrives home and Payton will often say, "would you like to go grab a Starbucks while we have guy time?" Thankfully, I still feel very loved (and every once in awhile Tony really does let me leave and go get a Starbucks.) boys still run and jump in my arms whether I have been gone 2 days or 15 minutes...and it is one of the greatest delights of my life to see them love their dad...after all, I am crazy about him too.

4. We have someone that leaves gifts on our note...just little packages at random times. Some of the gifts are explainable- ie childrens books, toys others, like today, a tiny rum cake...No note. Just the gift. Whoever you are, thanks.

5. Benjamin is potty trained. I was wanting to wait until after our vacation. He woke up one morning and said, "I am not wearing diapers again." He trained himself in a day. We have only had one accident. It happened to be while Tony was holding him at small group. I should not be smiling as I type this...but it still makes me laugh.

6. What is up with vitamin enriched Diet coke plus? My friendly checker at Walmart said it helps with energy levels and gives you several nutitional benefits. Now I love Diet Coke, but come on America...would it kill you to just eat an apple or some type of vegetable every once in awhile. (I address the nation as a whole because my blog audience is so huge, what I should of said is , "Come on you two.")

7. Signed up for tennis lessons today. Tony has been wanting us to do some type of sporting activity together this summer. We chose tennis for this year. I coached tennis for a year and loved it...we're excited to get back into it.

8. Tony found a Cottonmouth water moccasin yesterday, actually he and Payton found it. Here is a vital difference in my husband and I...I wanted to call Animal control. Tony went and got a trash can picked it up with the broom and then poked it , watched it strike the broom, showed the boys, explained how it is important to look but not touch (I know I recognized some inconsistency in this one as well), took some pictures, showed the neighbors...I quit reminding him it was poisonous after the 200th time...He killed it later...I did not sleep well last night thinking about that snake being in a garbage bag. In all of the excitement, I was so thankful that Tony saw the snake, grabbed it and handled it. Later (on google), I read that Cottonmouths are one of the most aggresive and poisonous snakes in TX. I thanked the Lord over and over again for His protection over our boys who were playing right in the same area Tony saw the snake only moments earlier. Once again, thankful for who I married.

9. One of Payton's friends was over the other day playing and they broke a toy. I heard both boys lamenting when Payton said, "Hey, let's not worry, I bet my mom can fix this." His friend said, "do you think she could?" and Payton said, "Honestly, she is the smartest girl I know...I don't know anyone else like her."

10. Last night Benjamin got up in the middle of the night and came into our bedroom. He came to my side of the bed and said, "Mom, I sure missed you when you were in Benin. Would you hold me?" I have never been so happy to get up at 3 in the AM.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

In a Hurry

Last year for Easter, the boys were in matching seersucker ...this year the boys had every layer of clothing on that we could find in the Ranch house, ( You will notice Benjamin is wearing his cousin Bailey's jacket.) I also forgot their Easter baskets, you have tolove the Walmart bags... we had the best time.I am not sure seersucker will ever be able to be on the agenda again. The boys much prefer this look.

Yesterday was one of those mornings where we were trying so hard to get somewhere on time and everything, everything was not going smoothly. We're dressed...we spill something. Someone opens the door...and all of the suddden our dogs run in and hide under the bed. Someone chooses to take the paper shredder and dump it everywhere. Its ridiculous to even type it all words it seems like no big deal, but every mom out there knows the panic of realizing, you're late and getting later...sometimes it feels as if you are being sucked into some type of tornado.

I think sometimes on mornings like this I am talking and do not even know what I am saying, I have a tendency to go into a zone. Obviously, I somehow conveyed to the boys we were late. About halfway to our friends, I saw the lights of the friendly police officer behind us. I immediately felt nauseated. I told the boys we were going to talk to a policeman for minute. The officer came up and took my license and registration and said, "Ms. Brooks, Can you please tell me if there is some kind of emergency?" I inhaled to say, "No" when from the back seat I hear Payton in his loud voice declare, "Her name is Becky and we are in a hurry."

I weakly smiled...The officer smiled...I got no ticket...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

And just like that!

We took the boys to ride Thomas the train last weekend. We knew when we were able to snap this picture of both boys smiling before we even walked out the door that perhaps this would be a different kind of day.
We asked the conductor who was walking by to take this picture and just like that, we were in uncharted territory. A place where every member of the family looks at the camera at the same time.We really are not sure where we go from here....perhaps to a professional photographer...(the last time we attempted that Tony and I both sweated through our clothes..and paid good money to do it.:))

Later in the weekend we went to our city Egg hunt. This picture is to document why Benjamin did not find many eggs.

Some of our dear friends met us there. Their little girl danced in the City wide recital immediately following the egg hunt. Payton and Benjamin were quite impressed.

After the dance recital the boys saw the Easter bunny but there was a long line to meet him. I told them, "Let's see him some other time." Payton looked at me like he was mortified and said, "He works so hard to give us all these eggs and we don't even have time to tell him thank you?" Needless to say We waited in line.
We pray your Easter weekend is the best. The resurrection power that was displayed the day Jesus walked out of the tomb is still on display the hearts and lives of all who offer Him our nothing in return for His everything! What an incredible gift! Have fun celebrating it. Blessing upon Blessing to you and yours!