Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Latest

1. Benjamin ate 3 whole pieces of Boston Market turkey yesterday! He turns 3 in 2 months so why is this significant? Because this is the first meat he has actually eaten in his entire life. He has perfected eating the crust off of a chicken nugget, or taking the tiniest bite of a hamburger (a bite that is invisible to the naked eye) but yesterday he actually got full on an actual protein source. He then took a 4 hour nap. I wonder if its the first time he has ever been full. Sometime I can write a whole post on Benjamin's journey with eating, its involved lots of drs, therapists, phone calls, and tears...we seem to be moving forward! YEA!

2. We are still waiting on the last piece of paperwork to make Lael's adoption final. Please join us in praying that will come through. Kelly and Randy are scheduled to leave mid June- the paperwork has got to come soon for that to occur...Please Lord, may it be.

3. The other day as we were driving I threw my bannana peel out the window. I have always heard if its bio-degradeable thats ok...Is that wrong? Payton screamed like a maniac not to ever do that again and then said, "How are you going to feel when some car slips on that?"

4.Somehow in my mind I always imagined the Lord would only give you one strong willed, out spoken child...Who knows where I got that thought I certainly grew up with more than that in my home but...the other day when Benjamin looked me straight in the eye and said, "I have asked you nicely not to touch me again." I knew...Wow...Here we go once more.

5. On Mother's Day I was talking to the boys about how thankful I was to be their mom, did they realize without them I would not be a mom, etc...Payton said Benjamin is who made me a big brother...Will Someone make Benjamin a big brother? We told them maybe some day (NO hopes up yet...we plan on having "A team" and then "B team" with many years in between the teams***) and said, if you could have another brother, what would you name him? Benjamin immediately said, "Wilbur" Payton said, "No, I think Jesus is better."

6.Payton has started working on learning the countries of Africa, through a puzzle we just got him. He loves working puzzles...He is so proud everytime he plugs Benin in its right place. We have started praying over that puzzle when he finishes it everyday. Some of our family members (outside of my sister) have several big trips looming in the future to parts that continue to be war torn....I have been convicted of how easily I forget the Lord's children are perishing, children are being handed machine guns and being asked to fight, family are being torn a part...We ask the Lord to come in power, to use those willing to go, to give us a picture of how we can be a part of His plan for Africa.

7. I seem to go through seasons of being really introspective ( I am sure everyone does.) I write a lot more, analyze myself a lot more, evaluate my actions, reactions, what I have done, what I have not in the past year, etc...I always end these seasons with the same thought. I am desperate for the Lord. Without Him, I am nothing...the only good in me is Him. I am thankful He brings me back to this place often.

8. We are loving Uncle Ben's 90 second rice packets (they're the orange ones)...Seriously, love the Santa Fe, love the Chicken whole grain, Long grain and wild...Is it bad that I think our family could possible live a happy life on just these and Zone bars...(Tony would also need a pound of fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis to be truly happy.)

9. I don't want to ever forget the joy it brings me to hear our boys feet running on wood floors...I know that pitter patter will go away as they get bigger and their stride gets longer...Right now that sound brings such a smile to my heart. (except of course when its in the middle of the night accompanied by screaming.)

10.Introspection takes me to Ecclesiastes...I have been mulling over 6:10, "Everything has already been decided. It was known long ago what each person would be. So there is no use arguing with God about your destiny."**** I really am not tempted (at least at this point) to argue...maybe discuss a bit, but not argue. I just long to know Him better, to feel more at home in His destiny for me and for my family. I am asking for Him to take me to a deeper trust level.

***on #5...when speaking of family planning we are always reminded the Lord has a plan. So many who are dear to us have struggled with or continue to struggle with infertility, to act like we can say, we will have another baby this particular year seems arrogant. It could very well be the Lord sees our family as complete right now. We are mindful of that. Life is His to give...

****on #10 Eccelsiastes 6:11 says, "the more words you speak, the less they mean. So why over do it?" Should of read that before I typed this post...Yikes.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Closing ceremonies

This is a little like "where's Waldo" Can you find Benjamin in this picture? He was not really on board with the idea of a group shot.

The boys had their closing ceremonies at the Little Gym this week. Andy was able to come over...the thing that cracked me up about that was Andy brought his intern with him. The guy was having his first day on the job and they come to The Little Gym. The boys absolutley loved it...and I think the intern was really impressed :).

Payton never lacks for enthusiasm...Everyone raise their hands when they get their medal. However, not everyone tries to stay up there and give an acceptance speech.

Benjamin never the one to conform held his hands down...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy Day Tony!

One of the sweetest gifts the Lord has given me in the past year is a friendship with Peggy. I have never known anyone so encouraging, so ready to inspire, so willing to give towards the furthering of the Lord's Kingdom. Her every action is sifted through the thought of am I blessing others in the name of Jesus? I truly am mesmerized by her consistency, her joy, and the way she, with such great ease, works the testimony of what the Lord has done in her life into every conversation. I love her!

Because I never surprise Tony...(I get too excited and tell him the second I think of one that would be good, a quality he thinks is funny.), I thought it would be great if for his birthday I could actually pull one off. I asked Peggy, knowing how much Tony loved and respected Byron, if there was anyway I could bring dinner for the 3 of us, come out to the ranch, and have her tell us his stories, their stories...So last night, I told Tony we were going to pick up Babe's chicken fried steaks and go eat somewhere fun. It would of been enough for Tony if we had sat out in the driveway, instead he got the royal treatment. I smiled through tears many times at the sheer sweetness of the night. Peggy set the table with the china you get when you win The Masters, Byron's hat was the center piece, candles were lit, I actually saw Tony catch his breath when we walked in. To say he was surprised was the understatement of the year.
I could go on and on...It was a magnificent night. Tony said it was the best birthday he has ever had. I knew it was special when 9 PM came and went, 10 PM came and went...those of you who know Tony's disciplined schedule know this was huge. We were crazy...out past 11 on a school night.:)
Tony and I talked on the way home about why he thought it was the best gift ever. There are many men that the world label as great. Men who are extraordinarily talented in one way or another, and we give them respect for those gifts. Yet, last night, we were reminded that there are few men that carry those talents all the while humbly pointing to the Lord. My mom used to tell us when we were kids, "It takes a steady hand to hold a full cup." Last night we witnessed up close people who possessed such steadiness, a true gift from the Lord. We were blessed and yet incredibly challenged by the the legacy that Byron has left and by his wife who loves him so.

Happy Birthday to Tony...34 years ago today he entered the world...8 years ago today we went on our first date...This day is my favorite mile-marker of the year. What a day! What a man! So thankful, He's the Lord's, so thankful he's mine!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

some pics...

Payton and Trevor...Trevor is 3 months older than Payton. He taught Payton a lot about farm living.

Tony was, as always, a huge hit with the kids...they were constantly asking him to go jump on the trampoline, swim, etc...His favorite quote was "in a second" which prompted them to count to one and then say, "Come on"...He later changed his response to "maybe later." I was able to claim a bad back and avoid all the issues. :)

This is my favorite action shot of Benjamin. He loved his cousins and they were so sweet with him.

I love the way Benjamin says, "look at me and Go-wi-wuff" (Goliath). He was absolutely thrilled at meeting all the charectors.

We took this for cousin To-to (Tori), Tori- if you were here I would sing, "hey, hey it's To-to's circus" I know you would love it :)

Seriously- not sure who was more excited about meeting Buzz, the boys, or Tony.
People always ask me- are you sure you're 6 ft. tall? Now I can respond, "Sure, I am as tall as Buzz Light Year"...that has to be some camera angle...crazy...even the boys when we were looking at the pictures said, "wow're as huge as Buzz." Ummmm-thanks.

The best money that can be spent at Disney is on the rental stroller. Here Benjamin takes a turn at trying to dump Payton 0ut of the stroller...a trick he learned from his father...Tony has the ability to make a stroller ride the most fun thing at Disney.

we knew Bailey would love seeing us in front of Cinderella's castle.

Tony bought the boys their binoculars at Animal Kingdom...they looked like this the rest of the day.

Monday, May 14, 2007


All good things come to an end...I thought of this last night as we pulled into our driveway.

We have just returned from an 11 day family vacation to Florida...We loved every moment of it...(Except the breif stay in the Urgent care when Benjamin was having a hard time breathing.) We spent the first part with my cousin Tim and his family in Orlando and then went on to Disney World. Our time with the Chapmans was the best part of the trip hands down. Our boys loved being with their cousins and we loved being with Tim and Darcy. You know you have a great family when people prefer time with you to the "greatest place on earth". :) Tim has done a great job documenting a lot of it on his blog.

I will hopefully get our pictures up and running soon...So many pictures...yet none of them capture the absolute thannkfulness Tony and I feel for the past 11 days. We drove to and from Orlando...18 hours each way. We loved it. We laughed, talked about dreams, shared stories from our past that made us both crack up, ate at way too many Cracker Barrels (we knew this when both boys started screaming no when they saw the billboard), basically we loved being a family, loved the feeling of just being together. I was reminded that the Lord invites us often to "come away with me, get away with me and you will discover the true meaning of life..." For the past 11 days, as a family, we have gone away with Him We have been refreshed for having been with our extended family, for having been without schedules, for having been at disney...all because...if you look closely at the good in all of these see Him...sometimes more obvious than others...but always...The Lord is there. Oh how we love Him for the gift of His Presence. We are at home in Him regardless of where we go.