Friday, September 26, 2008

Girl and Boys

We are crazy about this girl...(And yes, I am having so much fun putting bows on her!)

Meanwhile with the boys...

1. While we were running errands with eden in the above outfit...A lady asked Payton if he knew what Eden's shirt said...He responded with "I am not annoying." That Pate is always good for a laugh.

2. On our car ride home Payton deep in thought said, "Mom, If Jesus' last name is Christ would you explain to me why we don't call God Mr. Christ?"

3. Benjamin (after throwing the fit of a lifetime) saw me digging through my console and stopped screaming long enough to say , "You looking for your spoon to spank me?" I nodded yes. He said, "I thought so, I took it out yesterday and hid it."
Score: Benjamin: 1 Mom: 0
The score changed after we arrived home and the spoon was recovered.

AND...for actual photo documentation of my new on Sam's blog in the link section. We are crazy about little Caleb!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Coming up for air!

For those of you still checking...thank you. The addition of a newborn plus starting kindergarten has thrown our life into a tailspin...I realize people do it all the time and still manage to be productive. Currently my goal is much less than to be productive...I would just like to take a shower. :)

However, today blogging takes precedence over cleanliness. There is so much going on that needs to be documented~

1. Payton's first day of school went great. His mom was a bit of a basket case. I am quite sure all of the other parents were wondering what was up with the mom who wore her big sunglasses inside (the whole's called...trying to hide from my 6 year old that his mother is weeping. It worked quite well. With my sunglasses and Tony there to hold me up and drag me out...I don't think it was obvious at all.

2. I told Tony today, someday I will drive away from that school without tears in my eyes...but today as Benjamin (Still in pajamas) stuck his head out window (Making me realize I need to tighten his car seat straps) yelling "I love you Pate! Have the best day Pate!" I realized yet again how thankful I am for everyday we had at home together and I got misty yet again.

3. Benjamin is on Eden like white on rice. He loves a way that makes me wish she had a tiny helmet and football pads on at all times. He cannot resist
rubbing her head, squeezing her hand or kissing all over her arms. It is very sweet. He wants to hold her or carry her everywhere. (Obviously the carrying is not happening.)So fun to watch their relationship unfold.

4. Payton loves school. It is so fun to hear about his day...sometimes it takes awhile to get the details out...but I so love hearing everyone of them. He is quite the story teller. We play a game called 5 questions when he gets home...I get to ask 5 questions and so does Benjamin...I ask questions of substance and Benjamin consistently asks questions like "Did anyone toot loud in class?" We get a pretty good view of the day from a mother's perspective and a 4 year old.

5. Benjamin is loving going to school as well. He was all too thrilled to follow in his brother's footsteps and start attending our churches preschool 2 days a week.

6. The other night during family time Tony asked if anyone had prayer requests...Benjamin always eager to share his heart said, "Well, I am a little worried because Eden is still pooping in her pants."

7. Payton explained to me the other day how hard it is to work 5 days a week and then only get 2 days off. He then said, "I am glad I only have to do this for one year." Ummm...

8. As I was making Payton's lunch the other day he said, "You know you do not have to make my lunch every day, there appears to be a fairly nice restaurant at my school." Can't wait to try out the School Cafe and see if Payton's review will stand...The sweet innocence of a kindergartner.

9. Tomorrow we have Payton's school jog-a-thon...He has cracked us up telling us about how he is using recess to "train his body" and how his body is "extremely fast". Today he told me he could probably do better if he had some nice running shoes. I told him the ones he had were fine...I guess we will see tomorrow.

10. This week one of my brothers (Sam) (and his wife, Emille who is one of my very best friends) had their third child, their first son. We are over the top excited for them and cannot wait to meet this new little boy! Today my other brother turns 26...Benjamin shed actual tears that Andy is not having a party. I love my brothers...What joy and perspective they have brought and still bring to my life. I am so thankful Eden will have the joy of 2 of her best friends being her brothers!

11. BONUS pictures!