Wednesday, June 28, 2006


In these pictures you get a glimpse of Benjamin and why he is not allowed to eat popsicles inside.

Everyone was playing outside the other day and we looked over and Benjamin had taken off all of his clothes and was sitting in the dog dish. Someone has tried to explain to me that he takes off all of his clothes and crawls into small spaces trying to recreate the womb...REALLY?! (said in my best, "I am trying to be respectful but you can't be serious voice.) Because I am sure the dog dish and the womb have striking resemblances...

For some added sister has added pictures of my boys on her blog. I love delighting in my children, but it is the sweetest joy to watch my family love on them as well.... Kelly and Randy have about a year left in Benin before they move back this way...Our boys anticipate their arrival (they are crazy about their cousins) more than any other event. It will be the sweetest of reunions! Check out

Our family would covet your prayers that Lael's adoption would proceed quickly. She cannot leave the country until she is official. She is more ours with every beat of our heart but the process is long as far as paperwork is concerned. Please join us in praying that the Lord woud allow all those involved to pursue the completion of this with a fervent heart. Kelly and Randy have done all of their part we wait and pray.

Monday, June 26, 2006


I have been trying on and off to post some pictures and blogger is blocking me every frustrating.

Until I can get some pictures up and running here are some words I wrote recently to a friend when asked about Benjamin.

"Benjamin will turn 2 next month on the 10th. He is an absolute delight. At about 5 months I told my mom..."Benjamin has a sparkle in his eye that looks like he is up to something...I wonder if that will hold true in his personality...." Well 18 months later it does. He is constantly on the move, not entertained by a video, would rather be dismantling something or tasting Tony 's aftershave or just trying to figure out a way to turn on the shower (he tries to rig a stepladder out of whatever he can get his hands on.) He also does not enjoy clothing, preferring nakedness...except for a navy blue pair of sandals that we cannot get off of his feet. I used to fight I have decided at least he is cute and navy does seem to go with everything. :)

We are entering the stage where we are in a constant discipline mode. When we tell Benjamin no he seems to think that means, "Go ahead and do it, just do it with a smile all the while never looking away from your parents." He makes his brother laugh like no one else. They are loving playing with each other and do great until one of them tackles the other just for good measure. Then it is a full blown wrestling match...I believe I am starting to understand why I remember hearing my mom say, "You guys have got to learn to stop before someone gets hurt." They are boys loving to get dirty, roll around, jump off of high places and take a bath, and then find some mud and roll around some more. "

Hopefully soon I will have pictures to go along with this... To all my faithful readers :) There is more to come!