Wednesday, February 11, 2009

it's about time...

I keep thinking I will start blogging again...if I could do a little bit at a time, then it would not seem so overwhelming. Check back tomorrow to see if I keep my word this time...I am ridiculous...If it makes anyone feel any better I am just still trying to get it together. Last night as our day was winding down I realized my shirt looked weird....turns out I had worn it backwards all day. Nice. This morning I put desitin on my toothbrush...the great news is the diaper rash in my mouth is gone.:)

As Tony and I try to reorganize our life as a family of 5 we are noticing little things that we have let slip in the past couple of months...Like, explaining why we expect a certain behavior...Everyone likes someone that is sometimes we just say to the boys...BE KIND and they are and they move on...But as of late we are trying to call ourselves back to "the why" of why we do things...We are kind boys, because we want our hearts to look like Jesus...We want people to see us as different from everyone else...we don't just want good behavior (Though some days that feels like enough) we want to raise hearts that are committed to the Lord and His ways.

With that in mind the other day on the way to school the boys got into some verbal battle. I got them quiet and said...Guy's come on. We have talked about this...

Mom: Benjamin why do we want to be kind to each other?
Benjamin: Becasue we want to look like Jesus and he was kind.
Mom: Payton, when was Jesus kind? (In my head I am thinking the only response he couls give will be all the time mom)
Payton: Well, if I have listened to the stories correctly, it seems like it was almost always in the afternoon.

He then went on to give examples of Jesus mostly working with the the afternoon.