Friday, October 28, 2005

In an attempt to appease my brother

In order to save Sam time in his day, I have decided to enter the blogging world. I feel like this will most likely become a place for my brother and I to talk daily.

I am, at heart, a blog reader, not a writer. However, I do have many sources of husband, who makes me laugh, my 3 year old who is an endless stream of hilariousness, and my one year old who brings us so much joy we might just bust. So to all my readers, (IE Sam), drink deep from the well that is the Brooks Family!

Love you Sam...thank you for setting this up and making us laugh in the process.


Sam said...

Wahoo! Post some pictures of the boys, Post a picture of Tony's elk, the puppycats, How are they? What do you think about kids dressing up for halloween? Seperation of church and state? 1 or 2 ply? crunchy or creamy peanut butter? roe v. wade? predator v alien? Have you ever found tony trying to secretly down a gallon of Blue Bell? Greenhouse gases? the EU? So many questions..can't wait for the answers. I will post the link as soon as I get a chance!

Sam said...

How ironic that you have come to the blog world on the same day that the gateway arch in St. Louis was completed (1965). I know that, like the arch, this blog will symbolize the gateway to new, unexplored frontiers waiting to be understood and appreciated, as well as the oppression of the American Indians

Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

HEY WE ARE BACK INTO THE BLOG WORLD!!! AND I have not stopped laughing for the last 10 minutes as I reviewed your new blog!!! Tony looks a little different than I remember him...I have only been gone a few he feeling ok?:)
I can't wait to see your posts!
We will be checking in you so much!!!

Julie said...

You are so funny. Really, we should talk. (Your dad told me that.)Post some pics of the kids. Would love to talk to you!
Julie (your cousin)

Carter Davis said...

Looks like you've joined the ranks of "people with nothing better to do." Welcome!


Rob said...

Mind if we listen in on your and Sam's daily exchanges? Those of us who find you a never ending source of hilariousness (the mosquito net story in Siberia in 1996 lives on sister!) would treasure the chance.

Love you all-
The Brownes

Donny said...


Glad you are in the club!! Thanks Sam for pushing this through. Always enjoy a little Jeffrey humor when I get it.

Julia said...

Glad to know you're out here too - I've just joined the ranks myself. I'll look forward to reading your deep & not-so-deep thoughts :). I'll just stop there - I'm not nearly as funny as your other commentors (is that a word?)!

April Carrasco said...

Becky, I found your sight through a mutual ACU person. We use to go to RHCC with y'all and it's great catching up and seeing that y'all have two kids now. Blogging may truly unite us all again.