Thursday, November 10, 2005


This morning while I was helping Payton get dressed he said, "Mom, dad is the greatest guy." I of course told him he was right. He then said, "Mom do you miss dad during the day, I sure do." I told him I did and then he added, "I love dad, He is my very best friend."

My high school Bible teacher used to tell us he did not believe there was one perfect person for everyone to marry. That as you dated people you would see there are lots of people out there that were on target (that you could make a marriage work with) but there are most definitely people out there that are closer and closer to dead center...Today is one of many days where I am walking around with a smile on my face knowing that with Tony, I hit the bullseye. I look at my children who are miniatures of him and I know there is no one else in the world I would rather have 2 miniatures of...He is it for me- this is something I have known for over 6 years now...but to hear and see the love in the voice and eyes of my child for his dad overwhelmed me with joy in the Lord. Only He could give gifts this sweet.


Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

We couldn't agree more...we love Tony! Your kids are so adorable!! We miss them so much!!
-Kelly and Randy

tine said...

what a precious story...i sometimes let myself get sad when i am with jack all day long and taking care of him, playing with him, and all he is saying all day is "dad-dy, dad-dy"...but then i am overwhelmed with thankfulness for the special love they already share, and it helps me get through the day to talk to jack about how much we love that precious guy affectionately known as "daaah-dee"(pronounced with a deep texan drawl!)

i am so glad to see you in the blogworld!

vicki said...

Okay, please tell me Sam did not write this! I have tears in my eyes, You are so precious to me!! Love to all, Aunt Bic

Anonymous said...

As i thknk back through the guys that you dated prior to Tony, I have to agree that he is the best. The 35 year old who still wore the shorts that were doled out to him by his junior high athletic director, the guy who fell waist deep in sewage, the guy who put a personal ad on the internet, with a picture and the quote "most girls say I am good looking." Yeah, Tony takes the cake

mindy tyndall said...

I remember your wedding -the wagon we decorated for Tori filled with goldfish for her to snack on as she went down the aisle. It does my heart good to read you write about the love of your life - all 3 of them!!! You are precious!
Love, Mindy