Wednesday, June 28, 2006


In these pictures you get a glimpse of Benjamin and why he is not allowed to eat popsicles inside.

Everyone was playing outside the other day and we looked over and Benjamin had taken off all of his clothes and was sitting in the dog dish. Someone has tried to explain to me that he takes off all of his clothes and crawls into small spaces trying to recreate the womb...REALLY?! (said in my best, "I am trying to be respectful but you can't be serious voice.) Because I am sure the dog dish and the womb have striking resemblances...

For some added sister has added pictures of my boys on her blog. I love delighting in my children, but it is the sweetest joy to watch my family love on them as well.... Kelly and Randy have about a year left in Benin before they move back this way...Our boys anticipate their arrival (they are crazy about their cousins) more than any other event. It will be the sweetest of reunions! Check out

Our family would covet your prayers that Lael's adoption would proceed quickly. She cannot leave the country until she is official. She is more ours with every beat of our heart but the process is long as far as paperwork is concerned. Please join us in praying that the Lord woud allow all those involved to pursue the completion of this with a fervent heart. Kelly and Randy have done all of their part we wait and pray.


Julie said...

Now that IS hilarious! He is certainly ALL boy! He IS precious! I adored the photos of your boys on Kelly's blog. Handsome boys they are.
Love you,

Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

Glad you are back into posting pictures!!! I wish I could hear Benjamin's voice with those pictures! To me he resembles Jonathan at this stage...can not wait to get them together...thanks for your words about Lael on the blog...we are crying out to the Lord to show us where he is working in this process..we are confident he is...we just want to see it!!!!! Love you so much!

Monica Head said...

Impressive is all I can say about the dog dish move. So glad you had your camera.... of course it doesn't look like he could have jumped out of there to quickly.

Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

I missed these the other day...thought I was up-to-date on the Brooks' blog...great pics of a cute boy!
-Uncle Randy

mindy tyndall said...

Okay - these photos are so precious! The dog dish? Reminds me of my little boy at about that age. He didn't use the dog dish to sit in, but to collect doodle bugs so he could sit down then and have a little snack! He's almost 22 now, doesn't eat doodle bugs anymore, but still brings so much joy to my life. Our constant prayers are with the entire family, but most especially with the Vaughns and their precious Lael. God will surely guide them in these next few weeks and remove the barriers to the finalization of the adoption.
Love you...Mindy