Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Benjamin loves Precious!

While Payton and I were in Benin, Benjamin spent his days and many nights (I will someday tell the story of the exact moment I was being taken to the airport Tony was being taken to the ER sicker than I had ever seen him)...with my mom, Precious, as she is called by the grandchildren.

Since returning home we have noticed many things about Benjamin that show my moms influence on him. Just to list a few:

He wants his Bible in his diaper bag or in my purse at all times.

Everyonce in awhile when driving in the car he will say, "Let's get some praise music going."

He wakes up in the morning and says "Lets talk about what we get to do today...I bet its going to be wonderful.") His voice inflections on this one makes him sound exactly like my mom.

When changing a pull-up on Benjamin, as soon as he lays down he will say, "It's not gross, its just a part of life."

He now prefers his apple juice from Starbucks....if too much of the day passes he will come in from playing and say, "We have not been to Starbucks yet."

At night he says, "I love so much I can hardly stand it."

In his prayers instead of dear God he now starts with "Father"

When he is about to be disciplined he now will look at us with a completely straight face and say, "I live with Precious at her home, please take me there now."

My mom left on Sunday for 2 1/2 weeks in Kenya. This morning I was doing laundry and heard Benjamin talking to my mom...It seemed like he was answering questions, but I knew my mom was in London and I had not heard the phone ring...I walked in and said, "Benjamin, who are you talking to? Hand me the phone." He handed it to me and said, "I love Precious, why she talking like that?" I said,"Hello, who is this?"

Lady on the phone: "Miss, this is North Richland Hills 911, I repeat do you need an ambulance or police assistance?"

My heart rate accelerated like I had just done 45 minutes of cardio. I quickly explained that was my 2 year old, apologized profusely and then apologized some more. The lady was kind.

I explained to both boys after we were done that we should never play with the real phone and then explained that 911 was something we only used in emergencies. Payton took ever bit of it in...wanted the definition of emergency and nodded solemnly when asked if he understood... When asked the same question Benjamin just looked at me with a huge smile and said "Who wants to call Precious again?"


vicki said...

What a great tribute to a wonderful grandmother, I mean, Precious!! I wonder if any 911 calls got made from her house?? sure can't wait for yall to come to Dallas. I checked and the boys are welcome to the nursery as "drop-ins". Lyndsey will be here too if all goes as planned. Love you loads...Aunt VG

Courtney said...

I loved this post! What a wonderful thing to have your son spend enough time with your mother to have her rub off on him. "Precious" is such a perfect name for your mom! Don't you love watching your parents fill that special place in your kids' hearts that's just for grandmas and grandpas?

Sarah B said...

I am laughing out loud :) And I love all the ways your mother rubbed off on your child. Sounds like you couldn't ask for more...

Kendra said...

I giggled all the way through that one!! Precious has a great way of rubbing off on everyone who is in her presence for more than a little while, and the results are always positive and, well, just PRECIOUS!! Makes me want to just give her a call and chat awhile,too! Cute Benjamin . .

Chesley said...

I LOVE the story about 911!!! What a crack up little Benjamin is! :)

Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

Those boys are so funny! Love hearing your stories....

Monica said...

OK that is funny. Sounds like he soaked up all of his time with Precious. I like the pull up comment. I think more kids should spend time with Precious. : ) I am sure she really misses him now.

angela said...

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Kaley said...

Too Cute!!!


mindy tyndall said...

There's no doubt - the name fits the lady!

If you get a minute, please read my latest post, and share it.
Hugs -

Tam said...

I was telling your story to my kids today and they loved it, especially about the 911 call. Obviously Benjamin caught a lot when he was with Precious. She is contagious!

shell said...

"Lets talk about what we get to do today...I bet its going to be wonderful." I can SO hear Suzy saying that. And I know the exact inflection you mean. :)

I laughed so hard I was crying! Calling 911, that is too funny!! Thanks for sharing your very sweet family through this blog.

So excited about the good news from Benin today! Praise God!!!!

Lindsey said...

this is to funny! i can so hear your mom saying so much of that. the 911 thing is funny too but hopefully they learned. LOL Linz