Tuesday, June 26, 2007


For the latest on my sister, please check their blog http://rkvaughn.blogspot.com/...(knowing their list of people who read their blog is quite a bit larger than mine, I feel like I am experiencing my 15 minutes of fame when they let me post on it.:))

I have been tagged on 2 different things...I am working on Chesley's and then will try to complete April's tomorrow. I am terrible at these..but there is a special thrill in being tagged so here is my lame attempt at a response...

First memory - Going into my room and putting on multiple pairs of underwear, shorts, and then a pair of pants because my mom had told me to go wait in my room until she got in there to spank me. She was not amused.

First real kiss - He remains a good friend who reads this blog...I will let him keep his anonymity.

First concert - Amy Grant...I wore a pink and grey sleeve-less, v-neck argyle sweater, pink walking shorts, white knee socks and my white penny loafers and my mom hot rolled my hair. I know this because I remember thinking, "I look so cute, I bet she calls me up on stage to sing with her." She did not notice...her loss. (Oh to have a bit of that self- confidence back.:))

First love - my Strawberry Shortcake doll collection. The night I got tea-time turtle who pulled the wagon/picnic table I layed awake all night so excited to play with it.

First crush - Most likely Willie from Little House on the Prairie. He looked good in a pair of suspenders

First thing you think in the morning - My alarm goes off at 5:01 and daily I debate whether I should go work out or not...

First book you remember loving - "Who is coming to the Butterfly Ball?" My grandmother read it to us while we sat in her lap and ate jelly beans...great memory.

First pet - John Pecan, our cat. After John Pecan went to his maker we started our weanie dog business with Dusty Bottoms and Yo.

First question you'll ask in heaven - I am assuming this after I have fallen to my knees and spent a couple of thousand years praising the Lord..."Where is the Ferris Wheel?" (I will explain this on a later post.)

First thing you think of when you hear the word vacation - I better check how much money is in our vacation envelope.

First best friend - My sister...We shared a room and a double bed for the first years of our life. I slept with one of my legs over her because I knew if anyone ever tried to kidnap her it would wake me up and I could stop them.

Last time you dressed up - When Tony and I went to Del Friscos Father's Day weekend.

Last thing you ate - Uncle Ben's Chicken whole grain rice with terriyaki sauce poured over it...I love that stuff...

Last CD you bought? Honestly- who knows...I would be willing to bet it was some type of Kid's praise...we really do not listen to much of anything else. My brother still burns "cool" cds for me that's one of the reasons I still seem so "with it and in the know." :)

Last time you cried - On Saturday night when we sang the words "All who are weary, all who are weak...Come to the Fountain, dip your hearts in the stream of life. Let the Pain and the Sorrow be washed away, in the waves of His mercy, as deep cries out to deep. We sing, Come, Lord Jesus Come." I thought of Kelly and Randy, of my mom, of other families I know and pray for who are wading through deep and hard times and I wept...begging the Lord that They might feel Him come in a very real sense into their situations.

Last time you told someone you loved them - My kids multiple times through out the day...Also Tony everytime we talk on the phone...Really everyone I talk to...I could possibly be accused of overuse of the word...but I really do mean it when I say it.

Last really funny thing you did - I laugh hard every single day but as for something funny I did... Who knows?

Last thing you watched on TV - Backyardigans I love the episode where they are looking for Tiki Beach. Should anything major ever occur in our world and they do not break into Noggin to announce it, please call us...I guarantee you we will be shocked.

I tag - You- go ahead respond...


Courtney said...

It was fun reading all of those things about you! Being younger I always thought you were very cool and beautiful so your self-confidence was certainly not without foundation!

Chesley said...

I have had the same thought about Noggin! It is on right now! If there happens to be some sort of national emergency I will not have a clue!
I love your extra padding for spanking and 5:01 A.M.!!! Seriously?! Yuk! I would have to say NO WAY to the workout thing that early! That is still the middle of the night!!!