Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Benjamin is 3!

Oh how we love this child! Benjamin is the perfect mix of tender, tough and pure hilariousness. We have never seen anyone like him. He is constantly going for a laugh...always wanting to make people smile...He is quick to offer his love...quick to offer his opinion...and quick to steal people's hearts.

I remember when he was about 3 months old telling my mom, Benjamin has something in his eyes that lets me know he has a bit more spunk than your average bear. Little did I know his eyes spoke volumes of the truth. Benjamin is eager to test boundaries, on a daily basis he demands that the rules be laid out again. Benjamin has yet to grasp why when he wants something it does not happen immediately. Benjamin has the ability to bring entire restaurants into awed silence as he screams, lays prostrate and demands that he be allowed to run into the parking lot without anyone holding his hand. He loves talking on the phone. He loves his Precious. He is wild about his cousins and lists them off each night to the Lord from Florida to DC to local. He loves to sword fight with his dad. He can say cheeeeeese for a photographer for at least 30 minutes without ever taking a breath, all the while never really smiling. He is crazy about his brother...unless that brother happens to laugh or smile when Benjamin is feeling somber...then we are launched into the age -old sibling argument of, "He is laughing at me..." which has the ability to last longer than this mother can handle. He loves quesadillas from Taco Bueno and a chocolate chip cookies from Starbucks. He is quick to tell anyone that his favorite place to go is either the ranch or Wal-mart. Benjamin wants to talk himself to sleep...which often means he will come and find someone to talk to...We've had many late night conversations that are treasures to me...others have been lost in the grogginess of life that surrounds me at 1 AM.

Oh how we love him...the parts that melt our hearts, the parts that make us sweat through our clothes in public, the parts that need correcting, the parts that bring tears of joy to our eyes...because all of those little traits combine to make the son we love. We tell him all the time the Lord placed him in our family and we could not be more thankful. We anticipate great things for this little man. We celebrate him with great joy all the while raising our hands in thankfulness to the giver of this good gift...only HE could give a gift so sweet. May His name be praised for the life of our Benjamin!

Benj on his new Diego scooter that his brother picked out for him for his birthday...He said its all he is ever wanted!


Lyndsey said...

Happy Birthday Benj! Love you so! And if he ever needs someone to talk to at 1am, I'm always up and find him to be ridiculously entertaining. :)

Valerie said...

Happy birthday to Benjamin! One of my favorite pictures ever is of him from the ranch! I had it up in my cubicle but took it down when people kept asking me if he was my kid... it got a little weird. But it's still in my desk and always makes me smile!

Chelsea said...

Seriously---Benjamin and Carlie are quite the pair of 3 year olds. I identify with so many things in this blog. :) I love reading your descriptions of him...and he will love that someday too. Thank you for reminding me of all the ways to celebrate God's gift of "spunkiness" in our children.

Kendra said...

Sweet tribute to your littlest man (and to the Lord who gave the gift of his life!). Blessings to him and your clan on his birthday!!

Nicole said...

Hi Becky

It's hard to believe that my Emily just turned 3 on Monday. On another note I emailed Landon Dodd and he responded and said that he had been married 10 yrs and has a nine yr old girl. I hope we will have a 20yr get together in 2012 it would be interesting.


Courtney said...

What a sweet post about your little man! I wish our guys got to play together more often - I think they would be quite the pair!