Monday, October 15, 2007


My sister is Amy Grant's biggest fan...She has not actually been given a plaque or anything ...but I beleive in a head to head contest with any fan in the world...she would win hands down.

This week she is reviewing Amy Grant's new book. (Amy Grant's publisher sent them to her...which might in someways confirm to the world that she really is the #1 fan.) She is asking people to share their favorite AG memory or song for a chance to win 3 other copies of the books she was given...Get over there and share your story!
click on The Vaughns blog in the link section...

And in other sibling news...just got this pic from Colorado...

Sure love that guy!

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Monica said...

Go Andy!!! Looks like he scored big in Colorado. Aric would so love to go hunting there. I am sure one day he will. You have been quite the blogger lately friend. I love it.