Friday, September 26, 2008

Girl and Boys

We are crazy about this girl...(And yes, I am having so much fun putting bows on her!)

Meanwhile with the boys...

1. While we were running errands with eden in the above outfit...A lady asked Payton if he knew what Eden's shirt said...He responded with "I am not annoying." That Pate is always good for a laugh.

2. On our car ride home Payton deep in thought said, "Mom, If Jesus' last name is Christ would you explain to me why we don't call God Mr. Christ?"

3. Benjamin (after throwing the fit of a lifetime) saw me digging through my console and stopped screaming long enough to say , "You looking for your spoon to spank me?" I nodded yes. He said, "I thought so, I took it out yesterday and hid it."
Score: Benjamin: 1 Mom: 0
The score changed after we arrived home and the spoon was recovered.

AND...for actual photo documentation of my new on Sam's blog in the link section. We are crazy about little Caleb!


vicki said...

She's so cute!! I see that personality coming thru!! And I have already told people about the "I am not annoying," comment. The Brookses are a collective hoot, I tell you for sure! Love to all

Natalie said...

But what I love about 3 year olds is that while they're busy hatching plots against us, they're still SO honest about it. So, here's me giving Benjamin credit for 'fessing up! Owen sends him his sympathy for the spankin' though...been there too often this week.

Kristinsgirls said...

That cracks me up..something that Jadeyn would do to me...fortunatly I have all girls and don't have to carry the spoon with me anymore. I guess girls catch on faster than boys....about what not to do in public???

Laurie said...

Ok, I just love your comical refreshing blog!!! :)

Your Eden is so lovely!!

Glad things seem to be going so well for you!!

Candice said...

You have endless writing material with those two cuties! I can't wait until Eden has her own stories to share. She is adorable!

Jan Kelley said...

so sorry for not posting the first time i read this blog, but i went straight to Sam's and forgot to return to brooks inc. Now, let me tell you that i think Eden is absolutely georgeous. I mean it, becky,she is lovely. You all are so blessed. I am so happy for you all and so glad you take the time to post. I know you are so busy and will be so busy for the next 22 years. Then the grandchildren will come and you will be able to rest a bit. love you all so much. jk

Kelly said...

She is adorable! And the boys' stories are great, as always.

The Mazza Munchkins said...

I LOVE that smile. What a beautiful baby!! And two boys that are as charming as ever.