Friday, February 26, 2010

catching up...

* I am currently working with the boys on not being disgusting...I understand they are boys, but we do not live in a locker room, so we do not always have to have a running commentary on smells and who is making them. The other day in the car Payton yelled, "Benjamin you reek...I know you just far***." (not a big fan of that word) I said, "Payton, really, you do not have to use those words" He responded with the exact same inflections he had used in his previous statement "Benjamin the way you smell is unnatural, you make my nose hurt. I love my little walking thesaurus.

*the other night at bedtime Payton asked if we could pray for Barack Obama. I told him of course was there anything in particular he wanted to mention. He responded with, "according to the kids at lunch, he is apparently spending money I have not even made yet."

* the other day Benjamin said he always wants to live with me even when he is grown. I explained to him that while I would love that, most grown men would rather not live with their mother. He said, "Well I will, I do not know any ones phone number and I do not know how to make a sandwich. I would be hungry and lonely...and that sounds like a terrible life."

* the other day I mentioned to Payton that I had noticed he was whining a lot more. I talked in a whiny voice to him and said, "imagine if that is how dad and I talked all the would be so annoyed." He said, "you're right, but you two are adults, I am a kid, whining is what we do."

*the other day Eden had a ferocious diaper...I think I used an entire thing of wipes on her, put it all in a walmart bag, threw it in the garage trash can and went in. I washed my hands thoroughly but I could not believe how that smell followed me everywhere. In the kitchen it was terrible, in my closet, in the boys room...Mercy how had that smell spread so quickly was my thought. Then I went to put on my makeup and looked in the mirror. Somehow in the process of throwing out that diaper the tabs on it attached to the fringe on my scarf...I had been wearing that nasty diaper as a necklace for about 30 minutes. I scare myself.

*Eden is at the most delightful stage of life. She laughs at everything and always has a smile for us. She is at the point now where she talks non-stop and you understand about every 10th word...lots of gibberish with hand gestures...a total joy to her family. Payton said the other night..."Eden might very well be the best thing that has ever happened to our family." Tony and I quickly said that all 3 of them sweet to listen to these boys love their sister.

* Perhaps one of the reasons I am so keen on our boys not being so enthralled with toilet humor is they now have a sister, who herself is enthralled with the toilet. She must have a 6th sense for when someone has left a bathroom door open, if its open she is in there, swirling her arms, dipping toilet paper, throwing jewelry or anything she has has in her hands in the bowl...She loves it...we are working on this.

* The past month for our family involved two trips to the emergency room, over 15 doctor visits, lots of testing, one ambulance ride, one 3 day stay in the hospital...One of our ER trips had Benjamin in great pain, unable to sleep and me trying to keep him distracted during the night. At 4:28 in the morning I used the recording feature on my phone and started asking him questions. I will treasure that recording always. You can hear in his voice that he is in a great deal of pain...but he answers every my favorite part he talks about how much he loves the Lord and how he trusts him. Then I ask him to tell me about how much he loves Jesus and he says, "Oh I love Cheese-its, they are my most favorite snacks." It still makes my heart smile. I feel like the Lord smiled as well...

Someday soon I hope for documentation sake to write about the last month of our life...Its been a crazy one. It was difficult. I want to write about it so that our kids can someday is hard and God is good. He is so good.

I have been adding to this post for awhile now...and have to now add...Jenny Bizaillion's life has forever changed mine. Her heart for the Lord, for her family, for her Savior has called me to not just a deeper walk with Christ, but deeper living altogether. Every area of life...I want to step it up. I have loved Jenny's mother Beverly for years now. She has been a life changing presence in both my life, my mothers, my sisters and countless people around the world. In recent weeks I have become acquainted with Jenny, as most of you have, through crying out for her life. Her memorial yesterday was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. It was beautiful, it was heart-wrenching, it was Holy. The Lord was there and He was lifted up...I do not understand His ways. But I love Him deeply. And when I see people who also do not understand all His ways, in what are the most difficult days of their life stand up and proclaim His goodness, proclaim His glory...I see His kingdom coming and I want more. Come quickly Lord Jesus!


1literatimommy said...

Always Love reading your kiddos's stories. Sorry it was a rough month with sickness. That is quite a lot of medical issues for on month...I really want Spring to come quickly!--jodi m.

Julie said...

Thought of you today and popped over to your blog to catch up. Your stories about your kiddos are priceless - seriously, I don't know how you parent with a staight face! :)
Thanks for sharing the laughter!

I discovered Jenny Bs blog last week. She hadn't kept up with it much in the past couple of years, but I read a few of her stories and thought about what an amazing blessing this would be for Malaya. Such a legacy she left! It inspired me to do a better job keeping up with of the many things Jenny's story and life has inspired!

Blessings to you, sweet friend. I'm saying a prayer for you tonight!

Amy said...

Just hilarious! I always love your stories. Your children are just so precious. I laughed out loud several times but Eden's diaper hanging around your neck was just too much. That's fantastic!

Sure love you guys and have been praying for you. Thanks for sharing the good times and the hard times with such grace. Love you!