Monday, April 17, 2006

Loving the Seersucker!

Happy Easter from the Brooks family! May His goodness, His very power to bring life from death continue to be at work in your life!
Uncle Andy journeyed with us into the Garden of Prayer. Our boys could not love him more. They scream, clap, and show so much joy anytime we get to spend time with him!
Is there anyway to express how much I love these three guys?
We are crazy about these kids...and putting them in seersucker just sends us over the top!
Payton loved this cross sticker. He put it onthe second we walked into church and pointed it out to everyone .


nika said...

I love these pictures. I get tears in my eyes every time I see these sweet boys, growing by the day ...

vicki said...

What great family photos! You all look wonderful, and I love reading the commentary as well.

Kelly said...

Becky These pictures make me smile so big and I love thinking of Payton saying, It really is empty! I love that kid. Benjamin is too cute too! Love you all. You and Tony look awesome too...and thanks for posting a pic of Andy too. I miss him so much!

Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

These are great pictures! Great looking boys!
Uncle Randy

mindy tyndall said...

I always love reading your blog. Your family is so precious. Your boys looked so cute on Easter and don't ever let anyone tell you to stop with the seersucker!
I always love to hear about when a family knows, lives, and passes on the true meaning of Easter. How blessed we are that the Father was willing to make a sacrifice that I just don't think I could make. Praise God that the tomb really was empty!
I would love to "borrow" this family photo to use on Tori's page on the website!
(Check out Jack's picture on my blog baking Easter cookies!)
Love you bunches! Mindy