Friday, July 28, 2006

The latest...

For my family who continues to check this blog...

1. We were at the ranch last weekend and had a great great that I left my camera in the little compartment on the front of the four- wheeler. Hence, still no pictures from the boys birthday...They are coming eventually (if my camera has not melted).

2. The boys and I just got back from downtown Ft. Worth where we went to see Andy and his office for the first time. His office is on the 8th floor overlooking Sundance square. Needless to say, I am impressed when someone's first job actually involves an office and a window. We are so very proud of him...Payton was a little disappointed...on they way home I was talking about how great it was and Payton said, "yes, but it does not have a pool or a train." Payton would of preferred Andy to get a job at 6-flags.

3. Sam graduated on Tuesday and is now officially back from his training and is once again with his family in the DC area. We are so proud of him as well. I believe his title is that of Special (something) for the Defense Department...He graduated at the top of his class. Way to go Sam! (and Emille, Bailey and Brylee!)

4. We continue to pray for the adoption process of precious Lael...Kelly and Randy will not be able to return to America until this happens. Please continue to lift this situation up in prayer...dealing with the government in Benin is difficult.

5. About a year ago Tony and I were feeling lost at our church. We loved it, just did not feel like we really fit anywhere. We had alot of great friends but were still feeling was one of those times in life when you start feeling restless in your spirit and realize the Lord is trying to do something new in your heart. We started praying about staying, praying about leaving, thinking of all the great places we could go and thinking about the great place we were...Completely orchestrated by the Lord we started meeting with a group of people we did not know well at all who had one common thread...we were all searching for the 3 C's...Community-Commitment-(above all) Christ.

This group has become more than a class to us (we started meeting as a class in Feb.), it has become a lifeline. We walk out of class each week talking about Great the Lord is...only He could bring a group of people from all different walks of life together and make it feel like family. It is a group of people eager to experience more of the Lord, ready to get out and share their faith, ready to love each other and ready to be Christ's hand extended to the world...I love being a part of the Body of Christ. His ability to bring unity from diversity is beautiful!

6. Payton asked the other day while I was putting him to bed for his nap if he needed to close his eyes this time. I told him Yes. He came out of his room about 5 minutes later and walked in and said, " I need you to understand something, when I close my eyes I can't see." I laughed and told him that was the point.

7. Benjamin is Eddie Haskell. He is a doll but he is up to something almost always. However, if he hears anyone coming or calling his name he quickly folds his hands behind his back and grins...if he is doing something he knows he should not be doing (like dumping syrup all over the floor) he will kick it up a notch and say, "wuv you mommy".

8. We are in a fun season of life. We love each other, our kids, and the Lord. I don't know if this makes sense but for awhile it felt as if we were constantly striving...for what, I am not really sure- it made for a hectic, fast-paced life where at the end of the day we would look around and feel as if we had accomplished nothing... there is now a deep peace in our home that we both feel and we recognize it for what it is- contentment with the Lord and the life He has given.

9. Today my car is in the shop...when we walked out into the garage today and the boys saw we were going in Tony's truck both of them started clapping. Benjamin saying, "Back tuck! Back tuck! (translated, Black truck! Black truck!) after I got them both buckled in Payton said, "Someday when I am big and you are little I will drive this truck and I will be cool, just like dad."

10. The book "Sacred Parenting" is one of the best books I have ever read. It is a life changer that talks of how the Lord seeks to mold you through your children. Tony and I were both challenged by this quote:

" What the majority of us spend the the bulk of our time worrying baout-our 9-5 job, what houses we live in, how we're going to spend the weekend, how physically fit we look, what vehicle we drive--ultimately amounts to nothing adn gets completley forgoteen. what we often ignore in our pursuit of the above--that is our children, and our families--are the only things we truly leave behind....

When I embrace my historical insignificance , I am set free to concentrate on very real--and eternal--relational significance. I matter to my wife. I am very important to my children. I have secure standing as an adopted child of the Most High God. (I matter to advancing His Kingdom) These are the relationships on which I want to focus my life. This is where I want to spend my energy."

If you actually made it to the end of this, I am impressed...I am figuring by now I am writing to an audience of mom, who has felt obligated to read every word I have written through out my entire existence...Thank you mom- I knew I could count on you!


Julia said...

Well, believe it or not, your audience extends beyond your immediate family! I always love checking in to see what is going on with your family and what new wisdom you have to pass along. You are such a sweet friend & I am always encouraged & challenged by you and your faith! I look forward to seeing you soon!

Monica Head said...

Too bad your bible class is not on Sunday morning. Aric and I are such lost little sheep at church. We have some new dear friends, but I think we all still feel lost. I miss the days of youth group life. Always surrounded by your friends and ready to go play. Maybe one day we will chase greener grass and show up on Sunday night. Until then we will continue to be the faithful back row bible class people with our fun new friends Troy and Heather.

Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

Me too Beck...I will always read your every word!!!
I love you! Thanks for all of the updates and the encouragement I have now to pick up the book Sacred Parenting...I have had it for awhile but have not read it yet. I read Sacred Marriage and it was great too!
Love you Beck,

Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

I read it the stories about the boys! I too hope that when I grow up I can be cool like Tony.

Chelsea said...

Yep, your audience is bigger than one, it appears! I loved your list of "latest". Number Eight was truly inspiring to me. One thing that I have really tried to do (it's unfortunate that I have to TRY at it) is to step back from the busyness and find contentment in my little family. It is challenging and it is so good to hear the rewards you have reaped from doing so. Your blogs are always full of such wonderful wisdom for us fellow mommies!

And, I'm going to start reading Sacred Parenting tomorrow! Thanks for the suggestion!

CNS said...

I love reading your blog! You have a gift for expression and you are an encouragement to so many!

I'm putting Sacred Parenting on my list!

Conway Life said...

Me, too.
God led me to your blog today.
As I struggle daily (more so today than others) with decisions about motherhood, childcare, budgets, anxiety, etc., I am always reminded of that very quote you wrote about. Those things are meaningless and it makes you miss the point of spending more energy on the gift God has given you instead of worrying about things that will be long forgotten in a few months.

Thanks for sharing...I'm adding the book to my list.

vicki said...

Hey, Beck, so good to read a new post from the Brooks! We miss you when you aren't daily too much to ask?? Love you, Aunt Vic

msajeffrey said...

I do read every word...more than once...I love to read it because you are part mine (I of course know you are the Lord's first,your dad and I had a most pleasant role in bringing you into this world and now you are Tony's beloved as well as P&B's)...I also love to read because when you write I am so aware that you are using a gift that our Lord placed deep in it to the max dear daughter...when you speak I (along with ohters) sense the gift of the Spirit delightfully at work in you...what joy you bring to us all...when KJV returns I would say you two ought to hit the road speaking but I am feel like I know who the first baby sitting call would go to and I am deeply in love with the mission (that would be at least 6 kids!) I am not sure that even with all my vitamins and Spark I am up to that task!

I also echo the comments on our class! What a job the Lord is doing! He is assembling a group that is eager to be taught and even more eager to be used...outisde themselves...each week He thrills me with His work in each one of us. This may our most exciting time in ministry.

Lisa Renee said...

Hey Becky, do you remember me from ACU? I happened on your blog through Chelsea's. You really do have a gift for writing and The Lord is speaking through you. What an encouragement you are. My memory of you is that you ALWAYS had a smile on your face, so cheerful and fun and funny! I am so glad to hear how God has blessed you in your life and with your sweet family. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! lisa (Young)

Lisa Renee said...

P.S. Did you know Dickey has a blog too? You can find it on my links list, Amy S. I know she would love to hear from you!

Alyssa said...

Hi Becky! I was so inspired by your blog tonight. I can't wait to go out and by "Sacred Parenting"- it sounds like a wonderful book. It sounds like you and your sweet family are doing so well. I hope that the Lord continues to bless you :)

Donny said...

Count me in the group of those who read every word. I enjoyed your list of updates. Glad to hear about the new "class" you have going - isn't it great to have that community. Our Care Group is that community to me - just a smaller church within the big RHCC. As well there's the Royal Family Kids Camp "family" I just enjoyed spending a week with. I love to see how God uses each of us and places us with the people we need to be around. Wish I could say that I've read Sacred Parenting but given that I have finished a book in 10 years, I don't see it happening - but I did like the quote.

Shelly said...

Payton is one of the funniest kids I know. I love it when you tell stories about your kids! It was encouraging to see that the Lord was working on your hearts a year ago in regards to church and leaving or staying. He is doing a similar work in us right now and we can't wait to see what He has waiting for us! What a blessing to have such a sweet group to be a part of. It is a joy to have you for a sister in Christ!

Chapman 6 said...

Just a little behind, but every word was taken in.
-I too want to be as cool as Tony
-so now your not going to worry about being physically fit.
-Loved the quote and the message, you and Tony are great examples of Godly parents. Continue to teach that passion and it will resonate through those boys.
We all love you guys and cannot wait to see you.

Mike and Susan Apel said...

Becky, what elegant words! You truly have a gift.
Coming from the JD Jeffrey family its a wonder I can even type. I do have trouble spelling but I fell like what the heck. Im over all that I just want to talk.
Thanks for sharing all the news about your wonderful family. I love your heart. The way you seek after the Savior. It's only IN HIM that we ever fell complete. I love you and your family. Tell that brother of mine I love him and miss him.
Jeff and Kristi took their youth group to a conference in Pensacola.
Mike and I met them in Birmingham to get Autumn. She stayed a week with us. She will be three in September. We had so much fun doing little girl stuff. I wish I new how to put pictures on the blogg. She is a living doll. Kristi is a great Mother. We are so proud of her.
Jerimey has had his boy's for a month this summer. They are really growing up and becoming fine young men. Aidan will start 2nd grade and Nate will start five K. Their Mother is a school teacher as well as their other Grand. So they are Smart like the Morton Jeffrey Family. Love you guys Aunt Susie

Chesley said...

I read all of it! I always enjoy reading what you blog. I am glad you have found a class that meets your needs and you guys are happy. Congrats to Andy on his office and window! That is exciting and I love downtown Ft.Worth. Garrett and I like to have lunch with Cody on occasion and we will take a little trip downtown. Sundance is so nice!

Amy Smith said...

I so glad that you found me blog. I have been thinking about you lately. My sister is having her 10 year reunion this year and it got me thinking about all my friends from old FWC. Do you keep in contact with anyone. We should try to plan a 15 year reunion. I had a blast at the 5 year. I am sure that everyone's lives has seriously changed. My e-mail is I tried to e-mail you but it my connection is messing up. I can't wait to catch up.


Kendra said...

Thanks for the update, Becky, and i did read all the words, too, and would love to read more! You are precious, and I'm encouraged and reminded of purpose as I sit here with my 3 little ones. Back to the greatest and funnest and most challenging task ever laid before me! love you -

msajeffrey said...

OK, I'm #20...I am anxiously awaiting all your pictures and then for your help in posting mine!!!

Kaley said...

I'm so glad that you are doing so well! How wonderfully the Lord has blessed you!

I love you!
Kaley Ihfe

jodyreese said...

Becky...I also am a reader of your blog. You probably don't even remember me, but you were in my BSF group in Abilene(you know, with the OLD women!) and we all loved you and your smile. I think you were a senior at ACU or maybe just graduated... I have sort of kept up with you, and I am so thankful for the way you bless so many lives. love, Jody Reese

Valerie said...

Ms. ACU! Look at all these comments! I'm so excited to know that you're checking up on all the Goode girls! I would love to see you and the boys before I head back to Abilene. We have to arrange that!