Saturday, July 15, 2006

Unofficial Birthday Post

Today is Payton's birthday...He could not goto sleep last night he was so excited...

This morning at 6AM he came in and put his hands on my face (I was sound asleep) and said, "Mom, am I really four?" I told him he was and the grin on his face was priceless. His next announcement was, "let's go tell Benjamin..." In an effort to give Benjamin a few more hours of sleep I told Payton I would take him to get a donut...Once in the car he asked if we could go to Starbucks instead. This was the first time he had been in one (We are drive thru fans).

He loved sitting on the couch to eat...(that does not happen at our house, the boys have to remind me of that often). As we were sitting there eating our Reduced fat chocolate Bannana cake (his favorite) he said, "Mom we have not talked to God today." I told him he was right. He said, "we need to tell him thanks for this Starbucks and especially for letting me be four. I think this is going to be the best day ever." I asked him to pray and he pretty much repeated everythig he had just said to the Lord. My heart was full.

I vividly remember bringing Payton home from the hospital and crying in the back seat, sitting next to his bucket, and wondering how in the world we were actually supposed to know how to raise a child. The responsibility seemed so huge and still does...In moments like the one we had this morning, my heart is filled with the purest joy and delight- I am so thankful to the Lord for placing Payton in our home, for giving us the awesome responsibility of raising him, and for letting him be four...I think this is going to be the best day ever!

***We are having the combined birthday at 10...lots of stories and pics to follow!***


Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

Happy Birthday Payton! We are so glad you are four! We prayed and thanked God for your life today and we went ahead and thanked God for the days to come when we will be seeing you alot more often. We love you so much!
Aunt Kelly and Uncle Randy, T,T, J, L

msajeffrey said...

What joy! My goodness, God has blessed us so richly with the lives of both Payton & Benjamin Brooks!!!

The party was just a big ole blast! I cannot wait to hear Beck's description of THE Event!


Chesley said...

I LOVED reading both birth stories of your boys! God is so good! How proud you must be that your sweet son would initiate a prayer in Starbucks. I want to teach Garrett to be like that.

Julie said...

I loved reading these stories of your boys being born and God's provision. They certainly are sweet.
Love ya,