Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I read a lot. I love to read. Always have. Once on a family vacation I read a total of 7 books and came home with a journal full of notes. My brothers had all sorts of fun making nerd jokes. Now Tony makes them... (not really:)). This past week I read something that deeply touched me...still can't read it without tears. Something in these words made me realize something in me is broken and I have ached over them and yet longed for the truth in them to sink deeper into my heart.

Here are some thoughts that Ken Gire (one of my favorite authors) wrote in "The Reflective Life-Becoming More Spiritually Sensitive to the Everyday Moments of Life":

"Honestly, I want to be like Christ.

But honestly, I want to be like the Christ who turned water into wine, not the Christ who thirsted on the cross. I want to be the clothed Christ, not the one whose garment was stripped and gambled away. I want to be the Christ who fed the five thousand, not the one who hungered for forty days in the wilderness. I want to be the free Christ, walking through wheatfields with His disciples, not the imprisoned Christ who was deserted by them.

I want to be the Good Samaritan, not the man who fell among thieves.
But if the man had not fallen among thieves, been beaten, stripped, and left for dead, the good in the Samaritan would of never emerged.

This is the dark side of Christianity, the side we don't see when we sign up. That if we want to be like Christ, we have to embrace both sides of His life. What else could it mean when the Bible talks about "the fellowship of His suffering?" How could we enter that fellowship apart from His suffering? How could we truly know the man of sorrows aquainted with grief if we had not ourselves known grief and sorrow?

That is how Christ grows in us, both corporately as a body and individually as members of that body. It is also the way many people come to Christ. For some people, it is the only way. And perhaps that explains, at least partially, why bad things happen to good people.

For the sake of those around them.
That they might come to Christ.
That Christ might come to them, to live in them.
So that once again a Savior can be born into the world."


Kristi said...

Hey what's up? I am so excited the wedding is this Sat. for Scott and Elizabeth. Are yall going to be able to make it? hopefully Susie and Morton got the invite, and it is for the whole family. Well, if yall didn't let us know, and we can get you the information. So, have a great week, and hopefully we all will see you soon.
God Bless

vicki said...

So glad to see a new post from Brooks, Inc.
Those are certainly thoughts designed to stretch the limits of our comfort zone, aren't they? We need to use those words to reassure ourselves and others during the hard times instead of being overwhelmed with discouraging thoughts.
I would love to read your synopsis of the weekend in Fairfax. I am sure it was a blessing to all involved.
So, keep typing, you're on a roll!!
Love you, Aunt V

mindy tyndall said...

Becky - just wanted you to know that Roy brought me a piece of paper last night and it was your latest post. In the wee hours of the morning, he was on the computer and was so blessed by your post. He has put it in the folder we are taking to the hospital!
You never know how many people are touched by your faith.
Hugs - Mindy

Julia said...

I totally relate to the nerd comment! I used to take books on our family camping trips & all the other kids would make fun of me while they messed with the campfire & I read :). I've come to terms with it though, and I still love to read! It looks like the book you quoted is one I need to read. I appreciate the possibility of a new answer to the "why do bad things happen to good people" question. Thanks for the food for thought!

Lisa Renee said...

Wow, that does sound like a great book and what true words to how we all feel in our spirituality at times. I have never been a big reader but have become more so at this point in my life, especially books like this one. It is definately on my list to read. Thank you so much for sharing!