Saturday, September 16, 2006

Andy and Payton

Last night my brother Andy took Payton to the Ranger game. Payton had a blast. Anytime he goes anywhere with Andy you can tell he feels so cool. I think there is also a special thrill for Pate when he attends an event with someone who allows him to eat a bucket of fries, ice cream and a couple of Sprites for dinner. They sat right behind first base. Payton however did not mention one thing about baseball. He was mesmerized by the people, the volume, the food, and how cool Andy's truck is... What a great memory for him.

My parents have been DC this week enjoying life with the family and a big event at the DOD. It meant that they missed grandparents day at Payton's school (which was not a big deal...they have attended more events for our children than I have :)). Andy filled in for them and gave Payton the thrill of a lifetime.

Such a wonderful gift from the Lord to watch my children love my siblings...They thrill at phone calls from Sam and Kelly and practically rip the door off the hinges when they hear Andy outside. My brothers and my sister made my childhood a time of great laughter...its so fun to see them do the same for my children.


Courtney said...

So much fun! I agree with you - already it brings such tremendous joy to see John's love for his aunts and uncles. There is something incredibly special about watching your kids learn to love those you have loved all of your life. Siblings are a lifetime blessing!

vicki said...

Well, I have spent 15 minutes trying to figure out if the kid in the picture is a taller skinnier Payton til it dawned on me that is a banner at the Ballpark. And come to think of it, taller, skinnier, and with a different face. Sorry I am so slow, but I'm glad he and Andy had such a great time.

I remember doing things with Michael and also with Kelly that were so special to me, and hopefully they enjoyed it too. Michael did tell me awhile back that I couldn't keep milking that trip to DisneyWorld forever, and why didn't I just give him James' green pick up!(that truck is probably the only thing our kids will fight over when we take up residence in the home!)

so I guess the awesomeness of together time finally did wear off....Aunt V

Kristi said...

Hey I heard you made it to the wedding. I was so so sad that I didn't get a chance to see you. I really wanted to see all of you, and then my parent's said that you were there. I am glad you got to come, but I was really bummed I didn't see you. Maybe someday we can all get together. Well, I love all of you guys, and tell everybody I said hi.

Murray & Jaime said...

How fun!! What a gift to both Payton and Andy! I treasure the times I've gotten to spoil my nieces and nephews. It's another gift God gives us thru our siblings!

Sure enjoyed your sessions last weekend and especially getting to see you!

Randy & Kelly Vaughn said... it so fun to hear about Payton's night out with Andy. I spent some time staring at the banner too..before I realized it was a banner, thinking I just can't see how that is Payton! Randy was quick to point out with a big laugh that it was a banner...can't wait for Tori and Timo to get some good time with Andy and with their other aunts and uncles as well!
Love you so! Glad to hear through Kristi's comment that you made it to Scott's wedding. I am sure it was beautiful and I can't wait to hear about it!
Hope to talk with you soon,

msajeffrey said...

Beck...that is Payton,isn't it? I know it is...I recognize his hat!

Chesley said...

I just love reading your blog! I just read about 3 different posts that I hadn't read before. Payton cracks me up! You must just be in stitches all the time.

Blair said...

That Andy is a good guy.

We had lunch a few months ago and I think he'd agree that it was a good time. Maybe even the best time ever.

mindy tyndall said...

Well, I knew I could come to Brooks Inc. and find a reason to chuckle! I love to read about you and your family and all the sweet moments you share with all of us. The thing I am looking most forward to in the coming years is reading Payton's blog! That will definintely be on my "favorites" list!