Wednesday, September 26, 2007


1. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement regarding lectureship. It went well. I was overwhelmed in the best sort of way. The Lord poured out His mercy in more ways than I can recount...I left feeling filled... I continue to pray that others did as well.

2. I loved being a student at ACU...I loved my friends, my teachers, my life in general...Last week though I realized again what a gift it was...and how it keeps giving. Several people I was at school with that I had not seen since (over 10 years now) came to my class...and they encouraged me, they made me laugh and in our breif conversations we shared deeply things that the Lord is doing in our lives and things we hope we will see Him do. I am so thankful for the gift the Lord gave me in my 4 years out there...I left that campus with a light heart this past week.

3. I did the obligatory drive by our old house on Cedar Crest...and was amazed it had not fallen down. I called each of my roommates and as I talked to them I felt like I was in college again...until I looked in my rearview mirror and noticed 2 cars seats, that my car has doubled in length, and I was listening to Woody (from Toy Story) sing you've got a friend in me...even with no kids in the car. I would say I am definitely out of the college scene.

4. My boys have been passing back and forth some type of bug. The other day Payton had a really high fever. My favorite thing about this is Benjamin calls it a beaver. I recognize I need to correct this, but it is the cutest thing I have ever heard to hear Benjamin say in his raspy voice, "Hey does Payton still have that hot beaver on his head."

5. We have somethings in our life right now that we are really wrestling through. The other day I turned up praise music loud in our house...trying to get my focus back where it should be. Payton walked in and said, "what in the world are you doing?" I told him...I am trying to get focused on the Lord Payton...blah, blah blah...way too much explanation on my need to focus on His goodness in the midst of trials for a 5 year old. At the end...He said..."REALLY? sounds to me like you just want to wake up Benjamin and I wanted to remind you that is not something we do around here."

****We just received our deposit back from our vacation...I am stopping this post right now to begin my top 10 vacation moments I will never forget that I wish I could:) Stay tuned...


Murray & Jaime said...

So glad it went well. I was thinking and praying for you a lot last week. Please pass along the info on ordering tapes (I guess they use cds now) of your lectures for those of us not able to attend in person.

Love you and your family!

mindy tyndall said...

I am so happy all went well. I would've driven to Abilene to hear you if I could have. You truly have a gift from God, several, actually! Can't wait to read the vacation stories! (By the way - I am putting a GREAT photo of Benj on the board in the E/C hall at church - I get you a copy!)

Courtney said...

I'm sure everyone was richly blessed by what you shared, and I'm so glad everything went well! I can't wait to hear the vacation stories.

I'll be praying that you guys can exterminate the "beaver" at your house and stay well. I'll also be praying that whatever else is going on, you will have a sense of great rest and peace in what God is doing in your family (and hopefully without waking up Benjamin).

April Spicer said...

You have no idea how much fun I have bringing my laptop into Brian, and reading him the funniest posts of yours. Beaver, and loud praise music are my favorites. I'm practically crying and so is Brian. Thank you for having SUCH a great sense of humor and sharing it with all of us. I see so much of Sam in you and it makes me miss him a lot. One of these days we've got to get together and let the boys play. I want to spend time with Payton..he's just too cute to only read about. :)