Friday, September 14, 2007

this and that

So heres the deal on vacation soon as I get our deposit back from the house Tony says I can begin to speak publicly...until then I better keep my trap shut (my words, not my husbands) never know whose browsing these things and might alert the landlord. :) Thanks for all the encouragement on sharing these stories. I assure you they will be the worth the wait.

I am speaking next week at ACU's lectureship...I would so appreciate your prayers. I had mentioned a while back my topic of transparency in the Body of Christ. So often in studying I realize the Lord is revealing some things that I might share them...others that I might change something in myself. I think this time more than ever the list of "that I might change them in myself" was a lot longer than what He revealed that I will share with everyone. It has been convicting, uncomfortable, and exactly what I should of been working on. I am looking forward to it...with a healthy dose of fear, trepidation and full stomach of butterflies. I will share more when I get back.

The other night I had one of those "you have got to be kidding nights" I had just explained to Tony how I had not been sleeping well and how my tasks around the house seemed to mulitply other words I was having a week when I did not feel like I was accomplishing anything. He encouraged me to go to bed early (And I did). Sometime in the night I woke up to an odd sound (somehow Tony never awakens to these) I got up and walked into our bathroom...what's that? Oh Payton peeing in our bathtub. I stood in amazement and watched...there was no stopping him unless I wanted to swing a solid stream around our whole bathroom. I shook my head, picked him up (He was still asleep) washed his hands, (at least we are hygenic when we pee in the bathtub) and carried him back to bed making a mental note to myself that our bathtub and tub toys must be throughly bleached the next day. I was so tired I immediately went back to bed. It felt like I slept for ever but when I looked at the clock 15 minutes later when I heard an ear piercing scream I realized I had not been. Once again sleeping beauty (whom I married and I love) slept soundly through this. I ran to the boys room to see Benjamin standing on his bed, pants guessed it...peeing. Seriously now. All over everything. I bathed Benjamin (in a different bathtub than Payton had just used), got him new pajamas, got new sheets, piled up his comforter, his mattress pad, his sheets on an already full laundry basket and went back to list for the next day multiplying as I slept.

I love these 3 boys the Lord has given me. Weeks like this one that feel crazy, dirty, and unorganized I am thankful that the Lord has given me the ability to laugh. In Jeremiah 30 the Lord is giving the Israelites a message through His prophet Jeremiah...he tells Jeremiah to let the people know new days are ahead where "Thanksgivings will pour out of the windows; laughter will spill through the doors." I want our boys to have that view of our home...on some nights there are heavy tears, heavy hearts and a very overwhelmed mom in the middle of it...but if they catch a few glimpses of that thats ok...even more than a few, I am still ok...because overall I want them to reflect on this home and remember that on most days it was a place where thanksgiving poured out and laughter was spilled (along with the entire jug of orange juice when Benjamin was thirsty in the middle of that same night and decided to get himself a drink.) Thank goodness the Lord's words were true for Israel, even now as they are true for us...a new day came for all of us in the form of Christ...May His name be praised.


Jill said...

i will be praying that the Lord will speak through you at the lectureships. i just wish i could be there to hear it! your stories just amaze me and make me laugh...looking forward to reading about your vacation :)!

Chesley said...

I am sorry to laugh about your middle of the night issues but that's really a funny story about your boys peeing everywhere! :)
I am sorry about you not getting any sleep though. Trust me these days I don't get much at night because of my many bathroom trips. This baby I am carrying is a mover and a shaker. so I know what it feels like to wake up tired. Oh and I have a sleeping beauty right next to me too!

I know you will do great at lectureship. You are such a great speaker and always have great things to say. I will be thinking about you.

emily anna said...

I am laughing and crying! Your boys are the best, and your insite is so wonderful. I will be praying for you during lectureship... I know that your words will speak to so many hearts!
Thankful for you!

Courtney said...

You always make me laugh out loud. I am so glad someone else is up at night with a sweet husband lying completely oblivious in his bed. And then telling other people how sometimes the kids get up and "we" don't get much sleep. Hmmm. I think I may just keep LJ in diapers for a long time after all. :)

Just a reminder in your time of seeking and conviction, one thing I love about you is your transparency. I never feel that you are pretending but letting me and others in on the real you that God is hard at work on. That blesses me! I know that you will richly bless many as you speak!

Chapman 6 said...

I was afraid the next time you woke up Tony would be peeing everywhere.
(bad visual)

Love you Beck, you are hilarious

Kendra said...

Oh my . . I've alredy shared this story twice now . . add it to the list of short stories to be put in print!! I'm praying for you the next few days while you're at ACU -it will be a blessing to so many and to yourself as well!

K & A said...

Wow, I really needed to read your post today. Thank you for reminding us to find joy and laughter when all we can do is look around at things we have "to do" in our home. I'll pray for your speech, but I know it will be just perfect.

KaleyIhfe said...

I can completely relate to that feeling of having too much to do and more multiplying by the minute! At least part of every day I feel like I am losing my mind!

I hope your talks went well at Lectureship - I'm sure they did. I would have loved to have heard them - can't wait to hear about them.

Love you!