Monday, November 12, 2007

November News...

1. Benjamin now says "I have the hook ups" when ever he has the hiccups...I think it is the cutest.

2. Benjamin was put in timeout twice the other day at Tuesday school...(throwing rocks up in the air on the playground.) We were going to meet Tony for lunch when I picked him up so I told him we will talk about this with your dad...and expected to ride in silence. It was silent for all of 10 seconds before Payton let out a huge sigh and said, "He got put in timeout twice, I cannot just sit here, I need to know what is going to be done about this."

3. Payton has been asking a lot lately if we can move. He has explained to us several times how disappointed he was as a baby when he came home from the hospital and noticed there was no pool in our back yard. (I know we laugh as well.)Here is a sample of our conversation earlier this week.
P- Mom we need to talk
B- Ok
P- I have noticed you and dad do not take me serious when I say I want to move to a house that has a pool.
B- You are right. We have no intention of moving any time soon.
P- That is disappointing...But I want to present you with another option.
B- Let's hear it.
P- I want an apartment.
B- Maybe when you grow up.
P- I want one like Andy's...but I want our whole family to live there.
B- I don't think so...but when you get older like Andy, you can live in one if you would like.
P- I hope that you know I have a lot to learn before I could ever live by myself.
B- Yes, I know...but tell me a few things that your thinking about.
P- Well first, I need to know how in the world you make your car stop when you see a red light.

4. How did November get here so fast? Life seems to accelerate with every year. Thinking about Payton being in kindergarten this time next year literally makes my pulse race.

5. We celebrated Tori's (my niece) 9 year old birthday this week. It was a high school musical themed party. We had a concession stand set up in the back yard where the kids could use tickets they got when they arrived to buy nachos, drinks, popcorn,hot dogs...then we played name that tune, twister, basketball, so many fun things. I loved it. I love my niece. It was so wonderful to celebrate her! Yet another blessing of them being home are being able to be at little things like birthday parties. We are so thankful. A fact that I will now make public (not that I have been trying to hide it, just never declared it
publicly)I cried at the end of High School Musical 2. I have no idea why.

6. The other day Payton was working on some project while I was in the kitchen. He yelled out, "How do you spell Rocket?" I told him how and expected to hear nothing. A few seconds later he stuck his head around the corner and said, "If there is a person smarter than you, I have never met them."

7. The other day as we were driving down the road Benjamin said, "I am sure thristy for Sonic. " I explained why we can't always stop and he said, "oh mom, Isn't it happy hour? Can't you find a coupon?" There are times when I think that Sonic is too much a part of our life. I wonder how many 3 year olds are aware of happy hour?

8. Benjamin is crazy about baseball. He loved watching the "World Serious" as he called it. He wants to take his glove and baseball everywhere. He wears his Texas Ranger jersey almost every day (it has to goto the laundry at some point) and wants that along with boots and jeans to be his daily attire. On most days you will see him wearing just that. He is constantly asking if I can come outside and pitch to him, or if we can play catch. I noticed the other day while we were standing in line at Walmart he was practicing his swing in front of the older man walked by and said, "Son, you have an amazing follow through." Benjamin was beaming. So was Tony when I told him about it.

9. One of the biggest blessings in my life this semester has been being a part of our churches lecture class (We have a lecture classs that runs on Tuesday mornings during the same time as our small group Bible studies.) I have been a part of small group Bible studies since Payton was born and I have grown so much as a result of those. But during this season of life I have loved listening to some of my dearest friends share what the Lord has put on their hearts regarding resting in Him. So many of their thoughts some to mind whenever I get the chance to listen to whats rolling around in my head. Last year the Lord convicted that me that my Bible study had become more about completing a book than getting to know Him. For me, I needed to remove that temptation for awhile. I walk away each Tuesday feeling wonderfully refreshed in the Lord. I am so thankful for Him.

10. We have had several instances lately with our kids where it has become apparent they are not perfect. I know, everyone already knows that...but, perhaps I am unique in this, I really want people to think my kids are pretty close. These instances have happened away from our home, in public places, in plain view of the world. We pray minute to minute these days about wisdom in disciplining. There have been several nights lately where, after everyone was asleep, I have gone back into the boys room, put my hands on them and started to pray....asking the Lord to please give us wisdom, His leading. The other night I could not stop crying...As I was trying to figure out what my tears were from the thought came to mind, "you are embarrassed." I thought about that as I was praying and realized that my tears had ceased to be about my boys hearts and had become more..."Lord, what are people thinking about me?" I began to pray about this and Isaiah 43:7-8 came to mind...“Return my sons from distant lands, my daughters from faraway places. I want them back, every last one who bears my name, every man, woman, and child. Whom I created for my glory, yes, personally formed and made each one.” Those words cut straight to my heart...Almost as if I could hear the Lord saying, "These boys were not created for your glory, but for mine." Raising these two precious gifts is not about me...They are for His glory. We are in love with these two boys. We are in love with the Lord. So in His goodness, in His mercy may He be glorified in this life He has given us.


Anita said...

We have a SERIOUS Sonic problem at our house, too. Abby may be the biggest addict. Is 2 too early for slush anonymous!?!

Sarah B said...

Amazing stories, yet again. I also love the Sonic anecdote - and that your oldest is already thinking about apartment living :) May the Lord continue to show you wisdom in rearing His children. Thanks for your humilty is sharing even these tidbits.

Lana said...

I love all your stories but especially needed to hear the last one as I have been struggling with a similar situation. Thanks for putting your thoughts into words that really do touch me and remind me that the Lord is in charge and knows the grand plan:)

April Carrasco said...

This is going to sound horrible but I always tell my friends that I would much rather see their kids not be perfect all the time becuase it makes me feel a lot better about my own children. I think we all go through seasons of trials as parents but in the end we always have the same result. The love of our children and our God. If we could only love like that.

Holly said...

I love the apartment story! So cute. Scary to think that time will be here before we know it.

Kendra said...

Pride gets me with my children . . thank you for helping me put words to it and for fueling some good thoughts for me tonight. Your vulnerability and humility are such a great example and sure do bless me as a mom, wife and just a child of God!

The stories sure made me giggle, though! Maybe Tyler and Payton could get a place together . . .T has been talking about being excited to be a grown up so he can have his very own home where he can do anything he wants to and make his very own rules. Oh my.

Kelly said...

LOVE the stories, and wow your kiddos are articulate!

The last one was good to hear. Even with Tate so young, I already struggle with some of that. Thanks for sharing.

Chelsea said...

As usual, I absolutely love your updates. Everything from Sonic to many of us relate. :)

You have probably already read it, but I am in the middle of a great book that completely speaks to your last point---Sacred Parenting by Gary Thomas. It is totally speaking to me about such similar things.

Ahhh, the blessings of blog world--to be able to share our hearts as mothers and see that others are right there in the middle of the same stuff! Thanks for sharing your heart as always. :)

angela said...

...another funny read!

I can't believe you cried at the end of High School Musical 2! Too funny!

I love how Peyton wants a pool so bad, that he wants the family to move into an apartment. I'm surprised Alex hasn't asked for one yet.

And lastly, I know what you're saying about the embarassment thing. The other night at the potluck when my daughter called your son stupid, I felt that same thing. Out of all places and all children to do this, she picks your son at church! I couldn't believe it! I know they played great after she appoligized, but I could not believe that she did that! Sorry! We are working on this.

Emiley said...

I just love your sweet family! I love how different P & B are and yet are both so funny in their own way!(that pic of benjamin cracked me up!) Thanks for being so real and putting into words something I too needed to hear.

ABL said...

Oh, Becky, I seriously needed that reminder of purpose in disciplining. I love it when people say that KJ is so well behaved and do not love it when I can see them staring in disbelief as he screams to get his way. My pride certainly gets in the way of being able to discern what is best for KJ and his relationship with Jesus!

amber dayton said...

Your stories always make me laugh - thanks for the funny pick me up & for always sharing your heart.

Shelly said...

I always love catching up w/ you on the blog! #12 spoke to my heart--I deal with the same issues. It's definitely something I need to be praying about more and being aware of in those "moments" in public or even with family! Love you!