Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Life in general

1. It's official, my brother Andy has moved to Abilene. As of this morning he is employed by an amazing company that we are all very excited about. I am so proud of who he is...His trust and confidence in the Lord both challenge and inspire me to a deeper walk with God. I am so glad Andy is one of my very best friends. I will miss him living close by...the boys will as well. That said...we are so excited to watch the Lord continue to unfold his story.

2. My sweet niece Tori was baptized this weekend. She is the oldest Jeffrey grandchild. The first one of this next generation to make this decision. The level of joy in our hearts as she proclaimed Christ was immense. Payton was so in awe of Tori and this decision. He has talked about it constantly. I am so thankful he has such a wonderful cousin to look up to.

3. Payton continues in his quest for a house with a pool. He has realized my parents next door neighbors have one and has made the decision that he will move there "after he grows some." The other day as we drove by he said "Theres my house" Here is the conversation that followed...

B: Wow I think I will be sad when you don't live with us. What will dad and I do?
P: Dad works, He will be fine. You can visit, as long as you call first.
B: Wow, ok. (thinking isn't that my daughter-in-laws line to say)
P: But you need to know, you can't stay all day long, sometimes I need time to myself.
P: I will live in that house and finally be a dad. Benjamin will live with me and I will be his dad.
B: I don't think that is going to work out. Benjamin is growing up too. Why would you want to be Benjamin's dad anyways?
P: So I could wear him out.

4. Last week Benjamin wore his Cowboys jersey in anticipation of the big game. While at gymnastics his teacher asked him about it...His response, "I like the Packers?" What?!

5. Later that night Payton walked in, saw the game on...and said "We have to watch Tony Nemo again?"

6. I enjoy my children so much more on days that the TV never comes on. I want to work on having more of those...I know they would benefit from it. But even more than them, I know I would. I am so much more invested in their days and in mine when that is not an option. For a couple of years the only TV at my parents house was in the garage. You had to want to watch it, because you were going to be uncomfortable to do so. (They would move it in for major sporting events.) I need to work out some type of plan in this area and stick to it.

7. The other day I realized I had not heard my kids for awhile. I had been getting ready and and suddenly had the thought, "Did they go out the front door and I did not hear them?" I panicked, ran outside, ran back inside yelling their names, ran back outside yelling for them, ran back inside when I finally stopped yelling enough to hear a muffled "I am right here." Benjamin was going to the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, right where I had put him 10 minutes earlier and Payton was asleep on my bed. Both boys had been less that 20 ft. away from me. Sometimes I worry myself...I am quite sure I worry our neighbors.

8. We have become regulars at ordering the meals from "Dinner is Served" I love picking up their monthly dinner to go specials. We have yet to have one that all four of us don't love. Their holiday specials for Thanksgiving were awesome. Denise and Dana are wonderful. (They also just catered our Women's Fall Rnewal at Church.) Check them out for your self and for your family at :

9. Other news on the food front is...I love the new cookbook Deceptively Delicious. My kids are eating better than ever. One shortcut I found is on weeks when things are too crazy, rather than pureeing all of my vegetables, sometimes I buy the organic baby food and use that. Works great, tastes great, and I love knowing all that is going into those little bodies...its making me more aware of everything that they eat, and that awareness is causing all of us to make better choices food wise. I think that cookbook is a great Chirstmas gift for anyone who has young kids at home...not to clue any of family into what they are getting...:)

10. Benjamin has been getting disciplined at night for crawling into his brother's bed after the lights are off and mauling Payton. All we hear is a crash, Payton yelling "help" and Benjamin laughing. We feel like Benjamin must have something in him that has to get in a certain amount of wrestling a day. Payton is such a good sport and has even learned the art of actually falling asleep while his younger, wilder brother leaps, jumps and body slams him. These boys make us smile...These pictures were taken over a series of going in...putting Benjamin back in his bed...and then repeating the process. Finally they both gave up and went to sleep.

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Kristen said...

Hey there! Hilarious stories as usual!

When you have a minute, will you send me your email address? I know you said you were interested in the puree veggie swamp and I will probably do it via email. Mine is: kristen_oquinn@hotmail.com

See you soon!