Monday, April 07, 2008

Opening day and other Family Happenings

1. Saturday was opening day of t-ball season. The boys were beside themselves...Benjamin more than anyone. He was up at the crack of dawn, fully dressed and stretching for the days events. It was a great day of watching them both have fun.

2. Benjamin is crazy over baseball. We have no way of knowing how long this will last but right now, he is a child obsessed. Both boys get a 30 minute cartoon to watch everyday. Benjamin chooses to watch ESPN or a baseball game Tony has dvred. Last night after (I thought) everyone had been asleep for awhile Benjamin came and said, "Mom, what are you doing?" I responded, "Sleeping." He said, "Mom when you are watching me run around the bases and slide into home are you so proud?" I told him I was. He then said, "What do you think when I swing the bat like this? (and proceeded to demonstrate his best imaginary swing) I told him I loved it and realizing this was turning into a conversation walked him back to bed where he re-lived his game in detail. It is fun watching him enjoy this.

3. Tony was sick with a terrible virus on Friday. It lingered through the weekend. As we were walking into church a friend asked us where Tony was...I responded with, "He has a nasty bug." Later in the evening I heard someone ask Payton where his dad was...He responded with, "My dad has the fleas." We worked on the definitions of "Bug" on the way home.

4. We have been working on our rights and lefts...For some reason Benjamin has labeled his hands, my right hand and my wrong hand.

5. A month ago today I left for Canada...while I was there Benjamin was terribly sick. Tony had the baptism by fire through being up all night long for 3 nights in a row, working during the day and taking care of every need the boys had in between. 4 days into it he shared with me, "We are in survival mode around here." One of my favorite stories that was told to me was this one....Payton, ever my reporter, shared with me the day after I returned- "Mom, you know how there are things, like Scooby Doo that you do not like for us to watch on TV?" I shook my head yes. Payton then said, "Dad says watch whatever you want...just sit down." It certainly brought a smile to my face.

This is probably one of my all-time favorite pictures of our boys. Payton played after Benjamin and this was taken of them walking to the car after Pate's game was over. The were each telling each other how great the other one did. Our hearts were swelling as we walked behind them. I am thankful for pictures like this one that I can call to mind on days like today when these same two sweet ones are in a rolling brawl in the produce section of Walmart or using the toilet at the same time in the doctors office with the door wide open.

Thanks to all of you for your excitement over our precious girl. Your excitement makes it even more fun!


mindy said...

I just laugh out loud when I read your blog. Your stories amuse, encourage and delight me on a daily basis! I can hardly wait to throw a little pink into this mixture! Your boys are precious...but I wouldn't expect anything less!

Giggi said...

Your blog is always so fun to read! Thanks for the sweet comments & prayers. We have been given one more day to make the big decision. Love the picture of your boys. That is priceless. I still have one of my boys very similar, in a frame on their bathroom counter. What fun memories! I've spent a few hours in the bleachers! Wouldn't trade it! Congratulations on the girl. It's so fun to buy pink!!! Love ya, Kathy

tine said...

I really want to know about the T-Ball, because Jack is already wanting to play, and I had no idea that he could at this age! I thought we had to wait a couple more years...and I didn't think we would make it!

And I haven't gotten to congratulate you yet...what a blessed little girl she will be to have a family so full of love, laughter and the Lord!

jaime s said...

I love your updates! So happy for your baby girl to be!! It was great to visit with you at Playscape last week!

Love you!

Courtney said...

I had the same response as Christine. John would be beside himself if he could play t-ball this year but I had no idea he was old enough to play anywhere!!! That picture and the stories are priceless, as always!

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness, that last picture is so sweet!

April Spicer said...

I laughed out loud on the Scooby Doo story. Oh man. I am so proud to know your family. Your boys are adorable and crack me up. Seriously, when can we have a play date? I think Noah would fit in pretty well. Call me!