Monday, April 28, 2008


Thank you so much for the comments and prayers...what a blessing to have a group of friends far and wide who lift up my family and I.

My Dr.'s appt. this morning went well. I was given permission to resume life on a much slower pace being ever aware of my body and any signals it might be trying to give towards going in to labor.

I have been extremely emotional tears have flowed freely. Part of my appointment was going over different scenarios and complications to be aware of. None of it should of been surprising, they certainly were not saying "here is what is going to happen", just here are some things we want to be checking...but for some reason it hit me in different way today.

I ponder my heart on days like today. Last week I felt confident and assured. Today I have just felt...sad. I know the Lord has not changed.

I watched Shadowlands last week. (The story of CS Lewis and his marriage to a woman who was dying of cancer) I love that movie. The quotes in it are incredible. At one point in the movie his wife is going into remission and one of his colleagues says,"Now God is answering your prayers." CS Lewis then says, "That is not why I pray. I pray because I cannot help myself. I pray because I am helpless. I pray because the need flows out of me waking and sleeping. Prayer does not change God, it changes me." Certainly our (Mine and CS) situations or wrestlings in life do not compare. Yet that quote has resonated with me. The desperation for the Lord, the helplessness... I long for the Lord to change me as well.

My sister reminded me today that Eden's testimony has begun....May the Lord be magnified in her life and in each member of our family. Thanks for being a part of our life.


Monica said...

Glad to hear you got a good report. Enjoy SLOWING DOWN!!!

mindy said...

Even in your dark times, you lift me up. After talking to you today, I realized how small my problem of the moment was. God is so good and I, too, believe that He is already working in Eden's life. Please continue to take it easy and know that I will do anything to help with P and B! Hope to see them tomorrow!

daughteroftheking said...

Praying for you Becky! I am glad to hear that you got a good report.

Jill said...

So thankful for your good news! I love what your sister said about Eden's testimony beginning.

On another note, I thought of you today because as I unpacked a box I found a pedicure gift certificate that I won from the Fairfax retreat over two years ago!! So wish I could cash that in now!