Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Still here...still pregnant

Our life has been filled to the brim here recently with friends, summer activities and family time...It has been wonderful. However, as the temperature increases I find myself more and more eager to have this little babe. My body temperature right now is crazy. I can go from fine to bright red and sweating even in the most air conditioned of places...It really is amazing to watch if you happen to be close by when a hot flash happens. As wild as it is...I am remembering this a season that is coming to end...I do want to enjoy it.

2 weeks ago my Dr. said...this baby is ready and you are ready, she could come anytime...Because of our excitement I keep having to call myself back to living life now...rather than in constant anticipation looking only to that event rather than the daily joys that are still occurring. I don't want to miss any of our last moments as a family of four. We still say every day when we get up...Is this a day we will celebrate for the rest of our lives? SO fun to know that someday in August will forever have Eden's name on our family calendar!

Here are the latest stories to remember:

1. The other night as the boys were going to bed we were talking about how excited we all are to meet Eden. This started us talking about another baby that the entire world anticipated, that the Lord knew the world needed, that people had prayed for for years, that would enable us all to talk to the Lord in new ways...Tony and I both were chiming in all the things this baby would do for us, ultimately save our souls...when I noticed Payton's smile getting bigger and bigger...Finally, he interrupted and said, "It's me isn't it?"

2. We have found Benjamin's cryptonite...For those of you who have seen him this summer he almost always is either wearing his polyester baseball pants or his red wool baseball socks pulled up to his knees. We realized last week when we were having some obedience issues the powers of putting his pants and socks up on the top of the refrigerator, where he can see them but not get them or wear them. They have been placed there until he can make good choices while out in public...We frequently find him on the couch staring up at those pants with tears streaming down his face. Change is coming...but its a bit painful for all involved.

3. Payton once again came to our room the other night after having had a nightmare...I asked him what he dreamed about and he said, "It was awful." I asked him again, "What was it about?" He replied, "The Backyardigans."

4. The boys have a new game where they go in the back yard and take turns throwing the football as hard they can at the back of the other one's head. The first one to yell stop loses...more often than not, Stop is being yelled while charging at the other one right before a full contact tackle is made. Tears usually follow. We have made every effort to put a stop to this game. Only two boys would come up with this.

5. We are also working on gas issues over here. Things we hope to get ironed out before their sister is able to learn from their ways. Efforts to out do each other in these games have lead to more than once someone saying from the back seat..."Umm, I am going to need some new pants when we get home." Why? Things that make me shake my head....

6.We have also entered the "If mom is trying to get a picture, whatever you do, don't look at the camera or smile stage"...These made me laugh.

7. Tony got us some great tickets the rangers through work. We had a blast going and eating at the ballpark, watching batting practice, etc...Within 3 minutes of the national anthem Payton was sound asleep on me and drooling, combined with 100 degree outside temp. We woke him up for a family picture...You can tell he's a bit under the weather...Poor kid, kept telling us he did not feel well. We ended up leaving during the 2nd inning...Payton ended up having strep, his dad ended up getting to see Josh Hamilton hit at least one out of the park. Good times :)

8. The other day we were playing in the playroom when Benj crawled in and started barking and said, "Let's play Clifford." Payton quickly said, "I am T-bone." I said, "Who am I?" Thinking Emily Elizabeth, Cleo, etc...Benjamin said, "You be Clifford the big White dog." Thick skin is must during these pregnant times!

9. I love this picture of Benjamin. I was showing it to him the other day and telling him how handsome he is and he said, "Do you just love me because I have a purple tooth?" Not ever wanting him to be sensitive about that I said, "No, I don't really notice that tooth anymore." Benjamin replied, "I love my purple tooth, no one has one but me and its awesome." Not so worried about the sensitivity thing...

10.And because of family who lives far and has asked for this...here is the latest:

Here's hoping for a birth announcement post soon!


CNS said...

Becky, you are beautiful! Hang in there and enjoy these remaining days of pregnancy.

The Mazza Munchkins said...

It sure sounds like you need a girl over in that house. I can't wait to see pictures of her.

We will be praying that everything goes smoothly.

God Bless

Valerie said...

Becky, you look so pretty! And those boys are precious!!

April Spicer said...

You look gorgeous. I cannot wait to see this baby....over the internet. Your stories are once again, priceless. Benjamin is just the cutest thing and it kills me reading about the things your boys get into. IS that the future for my Noah and Wes??? Anyway, much love to your family from here in Indiana.

vicki said...

You do look so lovely and so happy...sorry about the heat you're having to endure. I had a baby in August once, but I didn't already have two to keep an eye on, so I probably had it way easier!! As always, your P and B quotes are just priceless!! Yall are clearly terrific parents to be raising such self-confident young lads!!

Kelly Vaughn said...

You are SO beautiful. I love being here to watch you be pregnant and I love that actually have a good chance of being at the hospital when Eden arrives!
Love these stories...they make me laugh out loud!! Love P and B so much!!!

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness, story #1 made me laugh for a long time. He is a character! I do have to say that stories #5 & #6 are the things that scare me about having a boy, but I hope that you slowly get used to it. :)

You look wonderful... enjoy these days!

Anonymous said...

hi becky, great to connect with you again! so you know you're having a girl, did you know back in march (can't remember). congrats! I happen to be expecting again too...although I'm SO glad the summer will be long gone before I get too big and overly hormonal (in a hot flash kind of way). hang in there and I can't wait to hear the great news of eden's arrival!

Laurie said...

You are looking great! And I am so excited to hear your news!!! Will keep checking!!

I really enjoyed your recent updates. Your little stories brought many smiles to my face :) It is great you have some records of these moments!

I was up late last night too. But not for the same reasons as you! I hope you did get some rest! Loved hearing from you!!!!

Shelly said...

You are so beautiful! Can't wait to see baby Eden!! I KNOW you are so ready!

BTW--I cracked up that P was in a size 6 diaper at 7 months old or whatever it was! Love these healthy babies!!

Mindy B said...

hey you look so pretty pregnant lady! i am trying to avoid posting pictures of me right now! it is not a pretty sight! i pray all goes well for you in delivery and after. our girls can meet up at ACU together some day and be roommates!! ha ha!
right now i have a hungry little boy to feed... talk to you soon. can't wait to see pictures of little sweets!

Emiley said...

First...you look gorgeous. Second...I could not stop laughing at your stories about the boys! You could seriously do a stand up act with those stories. Hoping that Eden arrives soon!

jaime s said...

Love all your stories...especially #1, that Payton is something else! Can't wait till little Eden is adding her own quoteables to this blog! Actually, I'm just super exicted to see her face! I'll be in TX next Sunday thru early Tues. hope she's arrived by then so I can come see her in person!!

Love you!

Kendra said...

Oh, this was a funny post! And I'm so very proud of you for your intentional attitude during "the last days". I did not make the same choice the week before Brady was born . . once my due date came and went, the big boys were more than I could handle, living life large was more than I could handle, so I just ended up calling my mama for help! Can't wait to meet this little precious one, dear friend.

Lana said...

You look so great in that picture:) Also, I have tears of laughter streaming down my face from the stories. I love those boys of yours:)

preppy little dress said...

congrats being preggers, looks like you are due any day! how exciting!