Thursday, July 31, 2008

Village of Hope

Please click on this picture to make it larger so you can read the words on their sign...
Last year when Payton and I visited Benin, West Africa one of the most touching experiences we had was getting to go to an orphanage called the Village of Hope. From the beginning it was obvious the Lord was at work. Though every child there had an incredibly tragic story...there eyes were filled with hope. When we were able to give them money that some people at the church had given us for just such a circumstance, all the children broke into praises and dancing to the Lord. It was one of the most beautiful expressions of gratitude to the Lord that I have ever seen.The director later told us, We had been hoping you would come. These children are being lead by great people of faith who are trusting the Lord for their provision.

Next month, my sister and Randy are heading back to Benin to visit the Christians there and take some desperately needed funds to this orphanage. This provides the perfect opportunity for them to raise money and hand deliver it to these precious children and their caretakers. As Tony and I have prayed about this we continue to have James 1:27 running through our minds..."Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you." We know this mission is one that is close to the heart of our Lord. I am including a link to Randy's website that gives even more details...If the Lord puts this on your heart...your investment in these children is an investment in the Kingdom.

Here are some words my sister wrote recently,"These children have lost their parents due to the HIV AIDS virus and others have been rescued from child traffickers. These children are lovingly cared for and blessed by adults who have sacrificed a great deal to protect them, feed and educate them. Recently we received a letter from the director there describing the present needs of the orphanage. The Lord has put it on our heart to raise what money we can to take and bless these children and their caregivers."

Here is a link to my brother-in-law's business website where they are currently raising money as well.

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