Thursday, December 04, 2008

Conversations with the boys...

Watching these two's friendship unfold is one of the sweetest gifts of my life. It is filled with bumps, bruises, hugs that are way too hard and all sorts of others things that bring brothers closer to each other. They love each other wholeheartedly. That does not mean that we do not have entire drives home from school with someone yelling "QUIT LOOKING AT ME!" In fact it is in instances like that I sometime enjoy them the most...because I remember not too far back (or actually really far back) that I too yelled "QUIT LOOKING AT ME!" at my younger brothers or my older sister yelled it at me...and today I count those 3 siblings as my closest of friends.

Last night as we drove home Payton was singing the months of the year song. At the end,
Benjamin said, "My teacher says its December which means we are at the end of the year.
Payton said, "That's right Benj"
Benjamin then asked, "What happens once we get to the end?"
Payton replied, "I have not figured that out yet...either we die or we start over with January."
I looked in my rearview mirror and saw sweet Benjamin with his eyes as big as saucers as he exhaled he said, "Wow, I sure hope we start over with January."


Jan Kelley said...

Precious, precious Brooks brothers. Here's hoping for the best January ever.

Lisa Renee said...

That's great! I hope we start with January too! I LOVE that picture of them! What a pretty fall day, and they look SO handsome! And grown up!! How is little Eden? Hope you are enjoying the holiday season!

I was talking to a friend at school the other day she was wanting ideas for Christmas cards, I thought of yours.. was it last year? That they were all the crazy ones on a collage! I thought that was the best one I had ever seen!