Friday, December 19, 2008

Payton is out of school!

Today I took Payton for his last day of school before the Christmas break. I told him on the way, "Payton I am so proud of you and our family...we made it!" He looked at me and smiled and then asked the question he must ask at least 15 times on the way to school, "I am not going to be tardy am I?"

We had Eden one week before school started...I walked through September, October and some of November in a sleepless haze...So the fact that today we finish this semester with no tardies and a kindergartener who loves his life makes me want to turn the praise music up loud and dance! Here are just a few of Payton's latest quotes that have brought smiles to our faces...

1. Tony and I thought it would be a blast if one of the gifts we gave to the boys was a trip to Holiday in Park at 6-flags. We got them dressed...told them they were getting one of their presents that we had to drive to see...They were beside themselves. The excitement was building the whole drive over. As we exited in Arlington Payton asked "what are those?" while pointing at the roller coasters. He of course, had no idea this is where we were headed. I told him they were roller coasters with a huge smile on my face. Being our little saftey pup he exhaled and said, "Those look terrifying, I hope we never go there."

2. The other night on the way home from church we were asking the boys what they had learned about. They were repeating all the details of Jesus birth and Tony was asking question after question.."Who was Mary again?" What did they ride on?" who was Joseph? Benjamin was answering every one when Payton interupted and said, "Good greif dad, you really need to read your Bible."

3. One of the ways Payton is different in our family is that he always has a plan...clothes laid out, schedule made, watching the clock...He does not want to get somwhere on time he wants to be early. He stresses this to us each day when if we appear to be moving to slow he says things like, "You two are acting like I don't have a tardy on the line. Let's move."

4. We also cracked up the other night while we were looking at Christmas lights and Payton said, "I like the ones with a simple AB AB pattern rather than those with the ABCD ABCD pattern. What do you guys think?" Benjamin spoke for us all when he said, "I have no idea what you are talking about Pate."

5. Each six weeks at Payton's school each class picks one student who is the Proud Panther of the 6 weeks. The qualities they are selcted for are
a. E in conduct for the 6 weeks
b. responsible behavior
c. respects the rights of others
d. considerate and kind
e. thoughtful
f. follows all class and school rules.

This last 6 weeks Payton was chosen as the Proud Panther...and he felt it...I thought he was going to bust out of his shirt as his teacher read this about him at the breakfast.

"Payton is our Proud Panther because:
He cleans up when he is done.
He helps people when they are hurt.
He stands quietly in line.
He stacks chairs.
He sits quietly when we are reading a story.
He listens to the teacher.
He helps people.
He cleans up other things that other people do not clean up.
He does his work.
He puts paper scraps in the recycling.
He follows directions."

Congrats Pate...long before you were a proud were a leader on Team Brooks. We are so thankful you are ours...even more thankful you are the Lords!


sj said...

Team Brooks is amazing! I am blessed to it up close on a regular basis...and that is a blessing I don't take lightly! Thank you, Lord!

Kendra said...

I just had so much fun reading the last few blog entries . . .you are chronicling a great legacy for your children (and you!) to look back on someday and read, and I LOVE that. Plus, reading your writings make me love my husband more and my children more. Thank you. You are a blessing, friend.

vicki said...

The Brooks Boys and Girls are truly God's Team, and a pleasure to keep up with via your blog. So glad you make the time to write down these highlights and share them with us all! Love to all, and Merry Christmas, in case the card doesn't make it on time. Yours was delightful, btw!

Jan Kelley said...

What joy to see a post from the Brooks of NRH. Pate, Pate, Pate. there is no one like him. I appreciate Benjamin's patience as Pate comments on his view of the world. Precious memories.

Summer said...

Hey Becky! I am just now catching up on some blogs and I have three things to say:
1. I love reading your posts. I appreciate your heart and your laughter. It's great!
2. Payton cracks me up. Did you ever figure out what an AB AB pattern was? That is so funny.
3.I cried actual tears when I read your post about your marriage. I don't even really know Tony, but I see the ways you compliment each other, and your faithfulness through hardships and laughter, and I am reminded of God's faithfulness.
Thanks for your encouraging words today. I appreciate you!

Kristinsgirls said...

Ok so my girls were proud panthers last year...wondering what school you go to? Probably not the same one but that is a fun award.

laura said...

I so love wandering to your blog and reading the new fun stories from your boys... they are truly so much fun to read about! God bless you guys and tell Payton that he has brightened the days of missionaries far away on many many many days!