Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I have to stop somewhere

Honestly- I took 89 pictures this weekend. When you are surrounded by so much cuteness what other option did I have? I know my sister will love looking at all of these...I wore Benjamin's hat for our jeep ride...nice to know my head can fit into something 3T(barely). I know they say a picture can say a 1000 words...but can any one picture tell you how much I love my niece Bailey? As I grow older I realize more and more my eyes overflow with tears of love quite often. The sheer sweetness of a full heart overwhelms me.

I more than love my family, I enjoy them. My siblings have always been my best friends. Now they fall in line after Tony (Who I am crazy about by the way, is he the cutest or what?) My brother Sam married someone who I would of loved to have had for a best friend even if I had never been related to her. My sister married someone who I literally burst to be able to tell people I am related to. My nieces and nephews fill my heart to overflowing. I love watching my siblings love my children. I love the fact that all 8 Jeffrey grandchildren adore my brother Andy. He does not get a moment to himself...they are crazy about him. I love that it is hard to pick a highlight from a weekend like this. We laughed so hard, we had many a deep talk, we truly shared the Lord with each other and I walk away so blessed I want to cry. We watched Sam skip an eight pound rock and cheered like he had just won the superbowl...We watched my mom and dad lead our church service and loved the way they still love each other and bring out the absolute best in each other.

Yesterday as we were getting in the car, 3 year old Payton started to cry, and then said, "Mom, my heart hurts." As much as I would love to spare my children any feeling of pain...I know that a hurting heart is the sign that one is truly living. For I am learning, that the deepest of joys, the greatest laugh out loud moments, are accompanied by the sweetest of pains...I treasure each moment, I store them away and thank the Lord for giving me a family that hurts my heart because it simply cannot contain all of the love I have for them.


Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

Why stop on the pictures? Have you looked at our blog lately?!!! We'd love to see more of the 89! (except for that one of Sam in his tighty whiteys grilling steaks in the freezing cold...)

msajeffrey said...

WOW...these are the best...I had just about gotten a grip on all of my emotion from the week end...I have loved reading your and Sam's blog today...I talked to Kelly today and Andy...we are so blessed...graduation week end... a week end of tears at a really good chapter in our lives coming to an end.. a week end of eminence joy, great laughter to the point of tears many times a day,deep heart talks, wise counsel asked for,wise counsel given and taken, over an hour on the phone with Randy & Kelly in Benin, rich time in the Word,all mixed with the heartache of saying good-by...what a joy as a parent to have felt the blessing of family flow this weekend...

Sam said...

The one of me grilling steaks is actually a video. A video that is selling like hotcakes, I might add.

teri said...

ok so there's no way to email you - I found you through Kelly's blog which I found through someone else's. Can't remember now. What is even crazier is that i was at ACU graduation last Friday and was standing right next to Sam and didn't even know it until I came home and saw his picture! He is so mature - I remember him as an elementary school guy! Time flies! I think I saw you and your mom at ALbertson's right after I moved here - with a new baby I believe. But you were gone before I found you again. We are in Abilene - my email is tripletttrio@cox.net I'd love to catch up with you.

Take care,

mindy tyndall said...

One of my favorite spots to check...Brooks Inc.! Becky - you have such a beautiful way of describing your family, your relationships with them, the way you love the Lord, your husband, your children and family. I, too, am blessed with parents who still openly show their affection for each other and all of us. It just makes being together such a blessing. Some of my very favorite times spent with my family have been at the family farm, and reading about the cows tickled me. Bradley (21 year old son who is STILL my baby!) always had a name for each animal. They were like family to him!
I am so proud for Andy and for all of you who have watched him grow up. There is so much ahead for him, and he is blessed to have a family who love and support him so much. I am sure that Randy and Kelly and their precious family were all there in your hearts. Isn't it wonderful how, when we are separated by miles and we long to be together, God blesses us with so many ways to communicate and share the joys of our lives.
My prayer for all your family is that God will bless this season with much joy, love and laughter! Hugs!

Julie said...

Well, I've been playing catch up in blogworld. Yes, my heart is bursting with joy and I am crying. I love you all and miss what you have. But, I'm so blessed to see it in all of you. Thank you Lord. You do all things well. Thank you for this part of my family and how close knit they are in each other and you.
Merry Christmas to you all.
I do love you.

Anonymous said...

Becky, I asked Summer to put her blog on my favorites so I could keep up with her since she is leaving me, you are on her favorites and I clicked you and ended up reading every sweet word you have written. I adore you and your family. You are a delight!
Patty Weaver