Thursday, December 29, 2005

West Texas Wildfires

This past Tuesday Tony went to scout out where he wanted to hunt that night. He came back pretty quick after he left to tell me to get the boys loaded there was a fire coming over the ridge fast...It had already taken out most of our back pasture. We got in the car, went and unlocked all the gates for the Baird volunteer fire department, prayed and waited to see what would happen. It was an intense, emotional time...we have ached hearing the news of all of those who lost everything...we saw this fire, its power and it was relentless. We saw that in the twinkling of an eye it could wipe out everything and for many people it did. We are thankful our barn was spared and we lost no animals. Over half ( at least 500 acres) of Rockridge ranch is now black with ash...these pictures do little to show how this landscape was transformed in a matter of moments.

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