Sunday, January 29, 2006


The other day Payton asked if he could be in charge of getting he and Benjamin dressed. A few minutes later they came to the back door and asked to be let out. Payton said, "We are wearing boots and skin today." They had a blast rolling around in the leaves like this... and Tony and I had a blast watching them.

Payton fell last Friday night and sliced his head "to the bone" as he likes to say. He asked me the other day, "Is God healing my head?" "Yes" I told him..."well, I wish he wouldn't" he replied, "People love it."

Benjamin has responded to Payton's accident by choosing to wear this helmet everywhere we go. He keeps it beside his car seat and puts it on when we get in the car.


vicki said...

Becky, you are hilarious! By the way, Tony called and said it was okay for you to neglect the housework so you can concentrate on posting the photos and updating us on life in Brooksland.Tell Payton we can keep that scar going long after it heals with an eye liner pencil, so no worries there. Love you, Aunt V

Randy & Kelly Vaughn said... pictures of the boys! Can't get enough of 'em!
Love the boots and skin!!!!
Love you all so much!

Jana said...

Oh Becky, this post made me laugh out loud. I love it...the "boots and skin"...the fact that Payton wants his stitches to stay in...Benjamin wearing his helment...too funny.

Thanks for popping in on my blog to say hi and share your sweet words. You've always struck me as having a gift for speaking encouragement to others.

BTW, I am totally with you on the best part of our day being when Brandon/Dad comes home. It is absolutely THE BEST! Lots of other great thoughts in that Jan 26 post. Thanks for sharing and letting us peek into your heart a bit. Oh, and my posture is terrible too. Let's just chalk it up to being tall. ;)