Sunday, January 29, 2006


We spent yesterday at the Fort Worth Rodeo. We laughed a lot. All the pictures of Benjamin are a blur. He loved it and could not sit still. He sat in Andy's lap and every time the bronc or bull would come out of the chute Andy would bounce him until the buzzer went off... He was sad when it was over.

Payton told us when we got to the rodeo that he would wait in the car. Seems his memories from last year were not the best. He told us it was loud, dark, and he did not like the motorcycle that jumped. After much coercing, a couple of cokes,a basket of fries and a snow cone he made it in and enjoyed the show sitting in my moms lap. Needless to say, her hands were tired after 2 hours.

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Julie said...

I'm lovin' these pictures. So good to talk to you! Refreshing!