Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Love these boys!

I spent the weekend in Fairfax with my brother Sam and his family. I loved every minute of it and feel like I could share a list a mile long of the differences between boys and girls. My nieces, Bailey and Brylee, could not be more precious or more feminine. They are living dolls. They are the type of children that challenge my vocabulary...there are only so many complimentary words in the English language...yet these two will have anyone searching for more. Payton and Benjamin are equally as delightful...in a more jump off the couch, throw a ball at you, don't turn your back or we will take the lid off the baby powder, climb up on the counter, eat dog food kind of way. It has been fun to return home.

The weather is beautiful here so we are having a week where playing outside is great...The last picture is of Payton who in his independence and wanting to do everything himself stage sometimes makes a mistake and gets his leg holes in his underwear mixed up...transforming his boxer briefs into more of a mini skirt. He asked me to help him because he was having a hard time running. So much joy fills these days!


Beth P said...

I have friends who only have girls and when Cannon comes to visit, it rocks their world...in my house, there isn't much difference between my "sweet" little girl and my "active" boys...hmmm?!
Becky, I would love to see a post on your retreat experience in Fairfax...I have heard that Sam and Emily were very proud to "tote" you around Sunday morning.

K Speck said...

Hey Becky- it was so good to meet you this past weekend! Women are still talking about how amazingly the Lord spoke through you- thank you so much for coming up here and ministering with your awesome gifts. Your 2 boys are absolutely adorable and I look forward to keeping up with you via blogland...

Lisa said...

I got your sweet message off of Daddy's blog! I do need to work on getting my own blog. Right now I just spend all my time catching up with other through there blogs! Your boys are adorable. I can't believe how fast they are growing up. Time really does fly when you are having fun doesn't it!! I will work on getting some pictures of my boys up before too long.

Julie said...

These photos are great! I can relate to the underwear thing with my Makalah. Your description of the girls and boys is funny. I can relate totally with the sweet living doll girls side of things, but I must admit your description of the boys does sound much like my Makalah! I love the saying "eat dog food sort of way". Makes me chuckle because I know too well what you mean. Life just doesn't get much better than this!
Love ya,

tine said...

precious...what a joy these little men are! as i see the independence of my sweet Jack starting to come out, even at 19 months, well...i am thankful we have no dog food around!