Friday, February 17, 2006


I have been writing and studying alot lately in my ususal blog reading/blog writing time. Hence the lack of new posts. I assure you it has not been for lack of material. In writing and studying I find myself trying to convey with words...what must be experienced.

There are certain things that words cannot adequately describe...

The love I feel when I hear our boys laughing so hard they cannot stand up anymore. (they are both laughers that collapse)
The confidence I feel in my husband and His love for me.
The feeling I get when Tony walks in the door after work. He truly is the highlight of our day. All 3 of us stop what we are doing and literally rejoice in His arrival.
The feeling of blessing at the friends I interact with weekly.
The grace our Lord pours over me daily.
The anxiety and deep love I feel for those I love who have chosen hard paths that have taken them away from relationship with Him.
The joy of friendships that I am separated from by time and distance, yet the love in my heart for these gifts from the Lord remains. I rejoice when I hear good news about them and cry when the news is not good.
The ache in my heart of missing my sister and her children in Benin (and Randy of course).
The joy of watching my dad laugh.
The blessing of watching my mom serve and bless others.
The delight of knowing I will be with my brother and his family next weekend!
The anticipation for all that the Lord has in store for my brother Andy.
The wonder of the Body of Christ in human form.
The awe of holding a new baby.
The angst I feel for those who have sick children/family members.
The peace of knowing He is the Lord and He is faithful.

All of these things fill my heart...All of these things fill my prayers...


Julie said...

I could not have said it any better than that. Those are absolutely the most wonderful thoughts and prayers to fill ones heart! I'm happy for the reading and study time you've had, but so glad to see you post again. Thanks for sharing these beautiful words.
I love you,

Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

I love being a paranthetical sentiment. Tears me up every time. I feel special.

*just kidding Becky...some great thoughts! We're praying so much and we're confident next weekend's going to be great!

Murray & Jaime said...

Eager beyond words to hear the words and thoughts that have come as a result of your studying! Can harldy wait to see you Thursday and be blessed by your sessions Friday and Saturday!

Little Faith is beside herself as well!! She's eager to meet the "Ms. Becky" we've talked about so much!

P.S. 7 more registrants TODAY!!

Love you!


tine said...

your heart and spirit are a blessing to so many and certainly to me...i am blessed with each encounter that i have with you and always challenged by your wisdom and humility. the Lord has certainly added to his grace in my life by letting my path cross with yours...thank you for your precious spirit and for your unconditional kindness towards me...may the Lord bless your study of his word...i know he is proud of the way his word is actively revealed in your daily life.