Thursday, March 02, 2006

Why I love Google!

This past Monday a gel-ink pen made its way into our dryer...The accused shall remain nameless (I think it was me.) Anyway- the entire load of clothes was completely dalmation. I washed it all again but to no avail. I then googled "remove ink stains from dryer pen burst" . There I learned that if you boil your clothes for 45 minutes in powdered Biz the ink will come out...I knew I needed to get a massive stock pot so that I could boil all of Tony's jeans. We are now the owners of a 30 gallon pot, that says on the side, "Excellent for Menudo, Make it for the entire Family." However, all of our clothes look great and are once again ink-free! I am thrilled.

Come on over for some Menudo...Once I get the recipe I should be able to feed you and 400 others.


Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

I love Google too! Just googled this recipe site for you:

"A hearty tripe soup as it is prepared in the north of Mexico, this is especially recommended as a cure for hangovers."

Hope that doesn't come in as handy for Tony.

Murray & Jaime said...

I thought Menudo was a Hispanic boy band from the 80's...loved watching them every Saturday morning...I can still recall a song or two of theirs...very scary...I think Ricky Martin got his "start" with Menudo... no clue it's some type of soup too! Wow!


tine said...

now, if you can make ricky martin and his 80s boy band jump out of that pot...that i would like to see...that is one impressive stock pot!

Sam said...

A post like this should really expand your clustermap into Mexico and South America. I bet it fell pretty flat in Bombay, India though. It is too bad that you had to buy that big of a pot. Too bad that Tony is such a fat lard.

Shelly said...

I LOVE it! I know who to call when a pen explodes in my dryer. (or when I want to make Menudo)

hoesayfina said...

great post! made me laugh. i am constantly trying to figure out how to get grass stains, ketchup, crayons, etc out of our clothes. i have wanted to give up. thanks for the advice and laughter. -maria