Monday, October 16, 2006

I am a crummy blogger

I have been soaking up every moment with my sister...I have learned many things about her- one of which is - she is a much better blogger than I am. For the latest in pictures of our family- click on her blog. I will update on our family in words shortly.

Thanks to everyone who is still checking...which I think includes my mom, Rob, and Vicki...:)


Anonymous said...

I just want to know where you got that red dress - it looked amazing.

Lyndsey said...

...and me! I didn't realize that Valerie and Payton are best friends. Val was telling me all about Homecoming, and the highlight of her weekend was when Payt spotted her during the parade. I'm jealous I don't know all those sweet boys better. So glad it was such a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...


Brooks Inc. said...

Tara- Since you are my new fashion consultant I have no problem sharing with you the best place to buy suits or dresses that no one else has...its a secret my grandmother shared with me...

Lyndsey and Wade- thanks so much for continuing to check this blog! You guys are the best...Blessings to you both!


vicki said...

Beck, i can hardly wait for the "words"! It was a wonderful weekend and I kept thinking that this time, Becky will surely win, but oh, well!! You were beautiful and escorted by the most handsome guy. Hope you got the pix I attempted to send last night. Feel free to share them with the world. I saw Kelly's post and Valerie has a few new pictures up too, so check that when you get a chance. Love you loads, aunt VG

msajeffrey said...

Finally!!!!! Even though I see you several times a day...I still check daily for your printed words of wisdom and blessing...after tomorrow when we say good-by to our precious Kelly you may have a few extra minutes to blog again...I really do not know how we could have packed more living into these past three weeks! Joy continues to flow from my heart even as tears fill my eyes at just the thought of yet another airport good-by...we should have this down by now...maybe I do...maybe I am (we are!)susposed to begin the tears 24 hour ahead of departure!

mindy tyndall said...

Looks like the family had a wonderful time and I am so happy that Kelly, Tori and Timo got to come in for some sweet family time!
Becky - such a joy to see such joy on your face in that car WITH your boys and Tori!
Does Tori remember how we called her the homecoming queen at your wedding?
Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky

It's me Nicole Wright Anderson. I thought I would write in really quick. It's nice to see you and your family are doing well. Trey and I Live in the Denton area. We have 2 children Paul who is 6 and Emily who is 2. Paul attends Liberty Christian. We will be at FWC hopefully on Oct. 27th for the game against Liberty. I got your blog from the mailer from FWC.

Hope to see you soon.
My email is if you ever get a chance.

Catherine said...

I can't wait for your words of wisdome as well! I wished I could have been in Abilene and Baird with everyone last week! Love you girl!

Julie said...

Welled with tears myself. Thank you for your words. I'm delighted and thankful for the 3 weeks packed with love and blessings that you all had.