Monday, December 18, 2006

7 years

7 years ago Tony and I got married. It was such a fun day. We were surrounded by our family and friends, in love with each other, and had not a clue what being married would entail.

7 years later we have learned a lot. We have learned to laugh about almost everything (He is still not amused that I don't balance my checkbook). We have learned that stress-full moments come and go and then your left with a memory-so extend grace at every opportunity. We have learned that you can disagree ab0ut something and then let it go. We have learned that Tony is the most disciplined person on earth and that the Lord brought me into his life so that every once in awhile- he might eat a cookie. We have learned he loves quiet and I love conversation and we have found such a rich balance between the two and such a greater appreciation for what the other likes. We have brought 2 children into the world who we are crazy about. We have learned to parent together. We have challenged each other to love the Lord more. We have pushed each other. We have sought the Lord together, even begged the Lord together for prayers that we saw answered in a glorious ways...for prayers that were not answered in the way we wanted at all...for prayers that we are still waiting to see what the Lord will do....but in the seeking we have found Him and we are stronger together for it.

We have realized that our marriage is not perfect, because neither are we...But through the power of the cross it is made wonderful. We have realized together we are better than when we are apart.

My aunt took the above picture at ACU"s homecoming this past October. We laughed when we looked at it because we realized our facial expressions, mannerisms, and standing are the same. We have become one of those couples that is starting to look alike...

I love this man...for a million reasons I could share and for another million that I could not...

I am so thankful that in this journey of life, I was given Tony.


Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

Happy Anniversary!! Randy and I have been thinking of you today. Beck, I tried calling a couple of times today to say Happy Anniversary...and of course a lot more!! We are so thankful for your marriage! Your relationship blesses those around you! I love seeing how your differences sharpen each other and grow you closer and make you and the rest of us laugh too!!! You both are a blast...I am crazy about my sister and love being with you every moment I can get. Today I found myself thanking God over and over for Tony and for the kind of man he is as a husband, father, brother in-law and son in-law and uncle!!! What a blessing he is to us all!! I know that the wait for Tony felt like forever...but wow!! The minute that he entered your life, there was no doubt in any one's mind that it was God's best that had just arrived!!! Thank you Lord!!! Thank you Lord for the days and years to come!!!
Happy Day!

msajeffrey said... much I agree with Kelly...Tony Brooks is a complete gift from a God that loves to bless and He blessed everyone one of us when Tony arrived in our family....Thank you, Lord! You knew not just what Becky needed but exactly what each member of our family needed! Becky you are not the only better because of TB...we all are!

I thank God for the refining He does with all of us through our of the many thoughts I loved from Sacred Marriage went something like...when you marry one thing you get is a full length look at your self!!!

May God's blessings continue to flow over you and Tony as you both grow closer to one another and to the precious One that caused your paths to cross on this you both dearly...

April Spicer said...

Happy Anniversary!! That is so cool. Brian and I celebrated 7 years on day before you. I didn't know we got married so close! You guys are awesome and I have no doubt whatsoever that God will heap blessings on you tenfold in the next 7 years. Thank you for your email. We are very excited about the little one (sex to be determined Jan 8). I do pray for much wisdom and peace as my first 4 months as a mother with Noah were quite a disaster. I pray for a much quieter and calmer time for my mind and my house. :) Fortunately, Noah is about the best kid I could ask for. He is sweet, calm, tender, and absolutely in love with babies. A harsh word or action has not escaped him yet....praise the Lord. He is almost 28 months. Tell Tony hello and actually your whole family. One of these days we have got to get our boys together to play (the little ones). :) Love you!

Kaley said...

Happy Anniversary, Becky!

I love you,


Mike and Susan Apel said...

What a blessing to see the love God has created in you both. It takes a life time for some to find. Then Some never do find that kind of love. You are such a blessing to others and to me. Much love Aunt Susie

Amanda G. said...

Hey Becky!
Happy Anniversary. I am so thankful for your relationship with Tony. God knew all along He was preparing him for you when we prayed so long ago.

love you!