Monday, December 04, 2006

Holiday Mix

1. What an absolute blast the holidays are! Payton and Benjamin both are so excited about Christmas, so thrilled to see Christmas lights, so animated about our tree, their stockings, etc...having kids is so much fun!

2. We had the best Thanksgiving ever. We loved being with Tony's family in Tyler and then having an extended time with my family at the Ranch. We were with family, away from our house, for 2 weeks straight. I told someone yesterday, when you can be with family for 2 weeks straight and still cry when you leave...I know it is a gift from the. Lord.

3. The other day we got home late and I was in charge of getting Payton in his pajamas. I put him in a Buzz Light year pajama shirt and some Spiderman bottoms assuming it did not matter because he had already been asleep, I was tired, etc...I prayed with him and left. He called me back into his room later and said, "Am I just supposed to lay here knowing my pajamas don't match?"

4. On Saturday Benjamin was talking nonstop about a hot air balloon. On the way to dinner Tony said, "Benjamin did you see a hot air balloon somewhere?" Benjamin said, "Yes" Tony said, "Who was in it?" Benjamin said very matter of factly. "It was Jesus." To which Payton said, "No Benj, it was God." They began to argue over who it was, God or Jesus. Tony interupted and said, "It's ok boys, for now, I want you to know theres a new family rule. If you see God or Jesus in a hot air balloon I want you to come get your mother or me." I think that's a good rule.

5. A lot of changes are happening at Richland Hills. It is exciting to be there. I would encourage anyone to go online at www.Rhchurch. org to listen to Rick Atchley's lessons on instrumental music. We have been told the first will be online starting Tuesday. The link/podcast/ is under "The Both/And Church".

6. Today I was watching CMT as I was on the elliptical at my gym, Brad Paisley's "When I get where I'm going" came on. By the end of the video I was crying...or sweating really hard out my eyes. Sometimes my emotions totally catch me off guard.

7. Christmas cards stress me. Last year we sent our a collage of about 60 pictures (obviously shrunken down) with the words, "Grabbed a camera, got the boys dressed...Many attempts, No success. " Everyone loved it, I am glad...because they are getting part 2 this year. Not sure when we will hit the age where we sit still and just hug each other.

8. Last week I was confronted by someone about something I had handled incorrectly. They were right...I was wrong. However, I was clueless about the wrong I had done until confronted by it. It left me thinking of how many wrongs I have commmitted and never even had an inkling about. It has left me praying anew Psalm 139:23 -24, "Investigate my life, O God, find out everything about me; Cross-examine and test me, get a clear picture of what I'm about; See for yourself whether I've done anything wrong— then guide me on the road to eternal life." I am so thankful for grace.

9. I love Christams carols...many of them touch me deeply. Songs about a ransomed world, held captive...saved by a baby...God made man! He came and remains and is yet, over the next horizon...So many reasons to celebrate.

10. We got married on the 18th of this time of year has so many fun memories of showers, special time with friends and family, just being in love with Tony. I was asked earlier this year, "What has been the moment of your life when you felt most proud?" NO question...walking down to the aisle to Tony. I love him so much.


Chesley said...

I always love reading what you write. Cody and I got a big laugh about Payton and his pajamas. I love the boys dicussing the hot air balloon and who was riding in it. I can't wait to hear these things from Garrett!

mindy tyndall said...

My Bradley (now 22) always wanted his pjs to match, too. The thought of a top with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and pants with Tigger totally unnerved him. So, I tried to make sure the sets stayed together. About the Hot Air niece, Melissa Jo, tells us about seeing Jesus quite a bit. She sees Him outside her window at home. There's a curtain there, but her window faces a parking lot and it can get noisy and sometimes scary. But, in her mind, she KNOWS that Jesus is right outside. And he will come in to talk to her if she asks Him to. She's really serious about this. I am just overwhelmed with the way children are building relationships with the Lord, trusting that He IS right there with them, all the time.
How wonderful!
We are looking forward to joining your Bible Class on Sunday mornings now. Will yall still be doing that?

Courtney said...

Hilarious and inspiring, as usual. John is also picky about his pajamas at times. His favorite are Buzz Lightyear and glow in the dark. I love all the great things your boys come up with!

Summer said...

Hey Becky! I love reading your thoughts and hearing stories about your boys. If your ears were burning yesterday, it was because Amanda Spell and I (while on a errand at Target) had a good 5 minute conversation about you and how much we respect and appreciate your sense of humor, your parenting style, and your ability to make everyone you meet feel like they are interesting and important. Funny thing is Amanda and I know full well that we are not your closest or best friends, but when you're around, we feel like we are. That's a gift you have been given and we appreciate you. Just thought you should know!

Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

Oh Beck! I love reading these thoughts and hearing every story about Payton and Benj! Timo is constantly working them into our conversations and I LOVE THAT!!!! Tonight Tori was showing me some new dance moves and I said, Where did you learn that?" She said, This is what Aunt Becky does!!That totally made me laugh!! I could so imagine you dancing like what she had just done!!I love you so much!

Shelly said...

Funny, I just read Summer's post but had in my mind what I was going to say to you before I read hers. How is it that I have spent little one on one time with you but I love you like we have been friends for years?? The answer: Jesus totally radiates through you and it is His Spirit in you that makes us all feel so valued, special and loved! Human flesh can't make people feel that way. Praising God for the gift of YOU in my life!
Love the new stories on your blog! That Payton. . . :)

Lisa Renee said...

I love the rule about the hot air balloon and your card for last year! That is great, so creative and just giving in to the way things are! Too funny.

Kendra said...

Your Payton sure makes me laugh, Becky. Thanks for sharing fun stories . .I always get excited when I check your blog and there's something new to see!