Tuesday, May 15, 2007

some pics...

Payton and Trevor...Trevor is 3 months older than Payton. He taught Payton a lot about farm living.

Tony was, as always, a huge hit with the kids...they were constantly asking him to go jump on the trampoline, swim, etc...His favorite quote was "in a second" which prompted them to count to one and then say, "Come on"...He later changed his response to "maybe later." I was able to claim a bad back and avoid all the issues. :)

This is my favorite action shot of Benjamin. He loved his cousins and they were so sweet with him.

I love the way Benjamin says, "look at me and Go-wi-wuff" (Goliath). He was absolutely thrilled at meeting all the charectors.

We took this for cousin To-to (Tori), Tori- if you were here I would sing, "hey, hey it's To-to's circus" I know you would love it :)

Seriously- not sure who was more excited about meeting Buzz, the boys, or Tony.
People always ask me- are you sure you're 6 ft. tall? Now I can respond, "Sure, I am as tall as Buzz Light Year"...that has to be some camera angle...crazy...even the boys when we were looking at the pictures said, "wow mom...you're as huge as Buzz." Ummmm-thanks.

The best money that can be spent at Disney is on the rental stroller. Here Benjamin takes a turn at trying to dump Payton 0ut of the stroller...a trick he learned from his father...Tony has the ability to make a stroller ride the most fun thing at Disney.

we knew Bailey would love seeing us in front of Cinderella's castle.

Tony bought the boys their binoculars at Animal Kingdom...they looked like this the rest of the day.


Shelly said...

Those boys are TOO CUTE!! What a fun trip! Makes me excited to go in the next few years w/ ours. I've never been, so I might be the most excited one of our group. :) Love y'all!

Lyndsey said...

What a good looking family! So glad yall had such a great vacation. Next time, how about a lavish NY vacation? Love you so!

mindy tyndall said...

What fun! Disney World is truly a "Magic Kingdom". I know that the boys loved exploring everything there was to see and am so happy you got some great family time!
But, we did miss seeing you!

Hugs to all - M

Courtney said...

I'm so glad you guys got to enjoy Disney World together! I think one reason we love it there so much is that it seems like a complete departure from everyday life. That place holds some of our favorite family memories. I'm very impressed that you're as tall as Buzz!