Monday, May 14, 2007


All good things come to an end...I thought of this last night as we pulled into our driveway.

We have just returned from an 11 day family vacation to Florida...We loved every moment of it...(Except the breif stay in the Urgent care when Benjamin was having a hard time breathing.) We spent the first part with my cousin Tim and his family in Orlando and then went on to Disney World. Our time with the Chapmans was the best part of the trip hands down. Our boys loved being with their cousins and we loved being with Tim and Darcy. You know you have a great family when people prefer time with you to the "greatest place on earth". :) Tim has done a great job documenting a lot of it on his blog.

I will hopefully get our pictures up and running soon...So many pictures...yet none of them capture the absolute thannkfulness Tony and I feel for the past 11 days. We drove to and from Orlando...18 hours each way. We loved it. We laughed, talked about dreams, shared stories from our past that made us both crack up, ate at way too many Cracker Barrels (we knew this when both boys started screaming no when they saw the billboard), basically we loved being a family, loved the feeling of just being together. I was reminded that the Lord invites us often to "come away with me, get away with me and you will discover the true meaning of life..." For the past 11 days, as a family, we have gone away with Him We have been refreshed for having been with our extended family, for having been without schedules, for having been at disney...all because...if you look closely at the good in all of these see Him...sometimes more obvious than others...but always...The Lord is there. Oh how we love Him for the gift of His Presence. We are at home in Him regardless of where we go.


Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

I love knowing that your family is safely home and that your time was RICH together and his presence! I know your time with the Chapmans was so wondeful! I loved seeing the pictures on his blog.
We are so thankful for the gift of refreshment in your lives! We are looking SO FORWARD to being refreshed in time spent with you and yours in just a few weeks!
can't wait to talk more with you soon!
love you so!

emily anna said...

We are glad ya'll are back! Can't wait to let the kids play...