Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy Day Tony!

One of the sweetest gifts the Lord has given me in the past year is a friendship with Peggy. I have never known anyone so encouraging, so ready to inspire, so willing to give towards the furthering of the Lord's Kingdom. Her every action is sifted through the thought of am I blessing others in the name of Jesus? I truly am mesmerized by her consistency, her joy, and the way she, with such great ease, works the testimony of what the Lord has done in her life into every conversation. I love her!

Because I never surprise Tony...(I get too excited and tell him the second I think of one that would be good, a quality he thinks is funny.), I thought it would be great if for his birthday I could actually pull one off. I asked Peggy, knowing how much Tony loved and respected Byron, if there was anyway I could bring dinner for the 3 of us, come out to the ranch, and have her tell us his stories, their stories...So last night, I told Tony we were going to pick up Babe's chicken fried steaks and go eat somewhere fun. It would of been enough for Tony if we had sat out in the driveway, instead he got the royal treatment. I smiled through tears many times at the sheer sweetness of the night. Peggy set the table with the china you get when you win The Masters, Byron's hat was the center piece, candles were lit, I actually saw Tony catch his breath when we walked in. To say he was surprised was the understatement of the year.
I could go on and on...It was a magnificent night. Tony said it was the best birthday he has ever had. I knew it was special when 9 PM came and went, 10 PM came and went...those of you who know Tony's disciplined schedule know this was huge. We were crazy...out past 11 on a school night.:)
Tony and I talked on the way home about why he thought it was the best gift ever. There are many men that the world label as great. Men who are extraordinarily talented in one way or another, and we give them respect for those gifts. Yet, last night, we were reminded that there are few men that carry those talents all the while humbly pointing to the Lord. My mom used to tell us when we were kids, "It takes a steady hand to hold a full cup." Last night we witnessed up close people who possessed such steadiness, a true gift from the Lord. We were blessed and yet incredibly challenged by the the legacy that Byron has left and by his wife who loves him so.

Happy Birthday to Tony...34 years ago today he entered the world...8 years ago today we went on our first date...This day is my favorite mile-marker of the year. What a day! What a man! So thankful, He's the Lord's, so thankful he's mine!


Sarah B said...

What an awesome surprise. Good for you for pulling it off! Sounds like an incredible evening.

Courtney said...

You made me cry! What a wonderful surprise for your husband! I can only imagine how much fun you had listening to Peggy tell stories for hours! She's amazing! Babe's chicken would definitely be the icing on the cake. I think our husbands must be a lot alike. Thank God for these incredible men!

Kelly said...

I think you deserve "Wife of the Year." How fun! :)

Chesley said...

This is a great gift! Super idea!!! I am sure Peggy loved it as much as you two.

I was checking out your Disney picks below and they made me really excited! We fly out Sat. for our Orlando trip. I was cracking up at the "your as huge as Buzz" comment! Your boys are adorable and just down right funny! I am glad ya'll had a great time!

Kendra said...

Randy will be so very proud of you, and Donny will be so jealous that it wasn't him sitting and listening!! he! Great surprise, and great story. Thanks for sharing!

Ron and Marilyn said...

Happy b-day, Tony! I've listened to some of Peggy's stories about Byron and could listen on and on. She's such a great story-teller that you hang on every word! And the love of her life here on earth and also in heaven! What a special surprise for Tony!!

love you both,