Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Boys at Baird

The boys were mesmerized by Tony walking around in the water in these boots. So was I, He's cute!

Benjamin loves his union suit. He wears this thing everywhere when we are at the ranch. Its hard not to smile when he walks by in it.

This is Andy and Tony in Baird lifting up the Trot line in Baird. Supposedly there are some 50 pound catfish in this tank. They spent awhile baiting this thing and then we left it overnight. We were all excited to see it in the morning...we did the big countdown to picking it up expecting there to be some massive catfish dangling off of such luck. We laughed when there was nothing and went on with the excitement of the morning. Tony and Andy had caught 4 rattlesnakes the day before and wanted the boys and I to go see them in the cage. Payton would yell "make em rattle dad!!" and loved it when they would. Benjamin wanted down to look closer. There are certain "Wild at heart" experiences that moms should not be included in.

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