Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Best Day

Yesterday was a such a great one. We went downtown adn road the Forest park train. All four of the kids loved the experience and so did their moms and their Precious.

Tony and I recieved word from some dear friends about a precious baby girl that is fighting for her life in Dallas and would we pray for her?...All the time I was enjoying my life with my kids and our cousins I had Baby Eva in the back of my mind, pleading with the Lord for her life and for her family. As I grow older I am reminded of how life twists and turns goes up hill and down. The Lord is faithful through it all. I cling to Him remembering His ways are higher than mine. Much, much higher. I ache to see Him return. In the midst of a joyful life here on earth, we still are longing for the ultimate healing that will only be found in Him.


Chelsea said...

Hey Becky!
I just found your blog and have loved getting caught up on your sweet family. I get a two-for-one with Sam and Emille's girls on here too! (I linked to Sam's and read that his was shut down, so I'll depend on you for their updates too!)

Anyway, great to find you. I love the blogging world and the crazy web that it weaves with old friends.

Take care! Your boys are absolutely precious. :)

Chelsea (Teague) Jacobs

Lyndsey said...

How precious they all are! I'm so glad yall have had such a wonderful time. I'll always treasure that I got to spend so much time with my cousins growing up, and am glad my cousins kids are enjoying each other!

K Speck said...

What adorable cousin pics! All 4 kids are simply precious.....what a beautiful family you guys are!

Jill said...

What a very young- looking grandmother Suzy J is - Oh ,I mean Precious! She is looking younger every year. It must be the grandchildren!