Wednesday, May 03, 2006

So refreshed!

We just returned from a week in Colorado...It was the best. You will notice there is not one family picture...the only negative to having a week where it was really just the four of us! We laughed togehter, prayed together, watched Payton and Benjamin lead praise every night on the hearth, ate every meal together, played together, realized yet again how thankful we are we married each other and how thankful we are for our two boys....there was a lot of walking around with our hands raised to the Lord...Only He could be this sweet...

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Murray & Jaime said...

LOVED the recap of your vacation! So happy that your family was able to get away and soak up time together. What a blessing indeed! Your boys crack me up and the new "man" in your family is one of a kind! Can't wait to hug on him again...and show him Purray's daughter, Faith. Benjamin's eyes just melt my heart...better keep Faith away from him for at least 25 years..don't want her to fall under his spell just yet!!

Love you, friend!! Thanks for sharing the pics!!