Monday, May 22, 2006

Looking for Some Good News?!

8 Years ago, we put my sister, her husband and my brand new niece on a plane to Benin, West Africa. It was one of the hardest, most emotional days of days of my life. like this makes me look back at that day with different eyes...that day remains an emotional one in my memory, but is now a day I see as a turning point for a nation, a people many have never heard of...The Aja people are transforming into His image as they get word of a Savior who loves them, who died for them, who frees them from the fear of Voodoo, who has conquered all.

I am so thankful that they went, so thankful that they stayed...(there have been many hardships in the past 8 years). The Lord Has been and continues to be good! His Word goes forth!

Read the May 21st report!


Murray & Jaime said...

It's one of our favorite blogs. We highly recommend checking it out daily!

The Sandersons

msajeffrey said...

Beck...I am just so proud of you! You have the follow through to put into words the family feeling so well...I praise God for the gifts He placed so delightfully in YOU!
We do rejoice with R&K and of course with our Lord for the blessing and honor of being the ones called to bring Light into darkness and to have the blessed joy helping to set the captives free!

We are most blessed...

Shelly said...

Praise God!! What wonderful news! What a precious family.