Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Gunnison, Colorado

The boys loved yelling out and hearing their "elmo" or echo...You could tell Benjamin was floored that Elmo yelled back everytime. Have we mentioned these boys bring us so much joy?
Payton realized alot of things on this trip...One night as I was putting his pajamas on he said, "Mom, I am a man, that means I sleep in underwear, only girls and babies wear pajamas." What could I say? So I have a 3 year old man now... The other thing He realized is he loves jumping off of things...We have however put a limit on this new ability after we watched him climb to the top of the slide and get in his jumping stance. Even men do not make 20 feet leaps.
Anything his brother does, Benjamin wants to try as well...He is more into the Nestea plunge then a full out jump...

Love that Benjamin! Those eyes melt our heart!


vicki said...

The pictures are great. What glorious surroundings. Glad you had so much fun, and its good to read your musings once again!! VG

Blair said...

I've wanted to move to Gunnison forever! That's where my great friend and ACU roommate, Andy Boston, lives. I love that place. I can't imagine you were there and didn't go into his store at some point. I think it's required.