Thursday, July 10, 2008

Because of Benjamin

Our Benjamin turned 4 today! (on July is running a bit behind)

He woke up to great confusion because his parents were singing Happy Birthday to him his older brother was trying to explain that because his party was not today he was not really four. After older brother was silenced(temporarily), the celebrating began!

How we love this boy!

Because of Benjamin we have read more parenting books than any one person can count.

Because of Benjamin we have laughed harder than we thought possible.

Because of Benjamin we have watched two brothers forge a friendship that survives through great laughter and through tears.

Because of Benjamin we have watched Payton's deeply protective side develop.

Because of Benjamin we have a better view of what Tony was like as a little boy.

Because of Benjamin we know what its like to lose a stare down battle with a 3 year old.
Because of Benjamin we know what it is like to lose your 3 year old at a water park for 20 minutes.

Because of Benjamin we daily know how loved we are...He is great at affirming us.

Because of Benjamin we are reminded daily by him to ask the Lord that he would have no bad dreams and that someday he will hit a ball out of the park.

Because of Benjamin we daily go out and watch him slide, hit, and catch the ball.

Because of Benjamin we have had to start imposing the rule...No matter how badly you need to go to the restroom, the garage is not the place.

Because of Benjamin we have learned that someone can actually get full on an almond.

Because of Benjamin we have been told, "That when I disobey you I DO NOT (caps reflect yelling) want you to spank me!" This did not go over well.

Because of Benjamin we have learned to recognize "a mischevious look" and run frantically through the house looking for what has just occurred.

Because of Benjamin we live our life fuller, smile bigger and sleep better at night.

Our list could go on and on. For 4 years we have treasured this boy...and raised our hands in thankfulness to the Lord that he is ours. I must say at least 10 times a day..."I am so crazy about him." Tony always smiles and agrees. Payton will say he has no better friend than his brother. When we went into the delivery room 4 years ago we had no idea who was coming...When they said. "Its a boy!" We both screamed with excitement...We so wanted brothers who could play together, be strong together, and glorify the Lord together. We have not been disappointed. Daily as we hear something thrown a bit too hard against the wall, or perhaps we see a wrestling match taken a bit too far, I smile (sometimes after I have gotten a bit of perspective) and thank the Lord. This is exactly who we wanted...and we praise Him for the gift that is our Benjamin! Line up every 4 year old in the world and he is our first choice...after all...We are crazy about him!


Kelly said...

He sounds like such a fun little guy. Happy Birthday!

vicki said...

Happy Birthday to Benjamin. Jan asked me if I had gotten our present for him yet! She wants him to have something really nice, of course!! And I'm wondering what is still missing in Baby Eden's Wants and Needs list...Let me know

Kelly Vaughn said...

Amen to all the reasons our lives are better because of Benjamin! Love that little guy so much!! Can't wait to witness him knocking that ball out of the park someday. I know he will!!!
Love you Benj!
Aunt Kelly

April Spicer said...

What a gift. Happy Birthday Benjamin. He sounds like a hoot through all of your posts. I bet he and Noah could have really stirred up trouble together. I guess I didn't realize they were only a couple months apart. I hope you are still feeling comfortable and Eden is thriving. While I live very far away now, I still read your blog and look forward to any new details. Your family is precious to us.

Courtney said...

Happy birthday, Benjamin!!! It's just hard to express how great they are and how much joy they bring, isn't it?!!

The Mazza's Munchkins said...

Sounds like your Benjamin and my Frankie would be great friends. It is probly good we leave far apart because that could be TROUBLE!


MattandSara said...

Your Benjamin and my Noah sound a lot alike! Let's make sure they don't live together in college, OK? Happy Birthday and congrats on the new baby coming soon!

Sara (McRae) Moreland

Chelsea said...

Your list was awesome. For some reason I laughed hardest on the almond comment. I have no idea why. :)

He is so precious and so full of life...I enjoy Benjamin stories and I hope he had a WONDERFUL 4th b-day. One of these days we'll have to sit and laugh about all of our "middle children" stories. God sure knew what he was doing when He gave them SUCH personality. :)

Monica said...

FOUR really??? I can't believe that little guy has been around that long. Where does the time go? I loved your list. Such a sweet boy!

jaime s said...

I JUST came across a picture of me holding Benjamin at the DFW airport when he was tiny! Do you remember meeting us there for a quick hello?! Now that I have kids, I appreciate that "quick hello" and all that went into meeting me MUCH more!!

Love that precious boy and can't believe it's been 4 years since I've known him! Happy B-day, Benjamin!

Jan Kelley said... all are blessings to all who love and know you....i cant wait to see what vicki selects for us to give to precious Eden.....i am planning to drop by dfw area before i return to houston around august 1,2,3,4 or something...i plan to see you and kelly and your families and hug on those boys if i can catch them....i love you so ....jan